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Why Men Smoke More Than Women?
It is a commonly known fact that men smoke more than women. However, it is tough to tell why this discrepancy exists. Ever since the concept of smoking tobacco exists, men usually smoke more than women. If you really want to ...
Why Men Smoke More Than Women

What Does Smoking Do To Your Looks
What Does Smoking Do To Your Skin?
Smoking is known to be the single most powerful igniter of cancer worldwide and is identified to be the primary cause for a whopping 90 percent of all cancers. Apart from being a primary cause for cancer globally. Smoking tags along ...
Fascinating Facts About Cigarette Smoking
As we are aware, cigarette smoking is known to cause numerous types of cancers and is the single largest cause for cancer deaths. Although such is the case, cigarette sales are massive sources of revenue for some of the top governments ...
Nine Interestnig Cigarette Smoking Facts
Habits That Only Smokers Share
Habits That Only Smokers Share
Smoking is a bad habit as they say. First of all smoking does not do you any good, and it is in no way something that helps you to relax your nerves and makes you feel better, and you would be ...
10 Annoying Things That Smokers Do
If you are a non-smoker who has to live among a gang of smoker friends, then you shall be able to empathise with all these points. There are some very annoying things that smokers do. Sometimes, they think they are being ...
Ten Annoying Things That Smokers Do
Most Harmful Chemicals Found In Cigarette
8 Most Harmful Chemicals Found In Cigarette
Everybody, including the most chronic smoker knows how cigarette can affect their health. But, still they wish not to think about the harmful chemicals present in cigarette when they feel the temptation to take a puff. Cigarettes are not all about ...
7 Ways In Which Smoking Ruins Your Looks
Are you stressed out and want to light a cigarette? We suggest you have a dark chocolate instead; because smoking ruins your look. In India, at least there have been concerted efforts over the past decade by statutory agencies to highlight ...
Ways In Which Smoking Ruins Your Looks
Smokers Cough Treat Remedies
Treat Smoker's Cough With Remedies
Smoking has its own side effects on the throat. The effects of smoking on your health are disastrous. But the smoker's throat symptoms are particularly scary. Your throat, mouth, nose and lungs are the four parts that come in direct and ...
Does Smoking Affect Your Skin?
Smoking harms not only the active smoker but also the passive smoker. Smoking has a lot of bad effects: it can cause lung cancer, breathing ailments and other health problems. Smoking can cause problems to the skin as well. One puff ...
Does Smoking Affect Your Skin
Ways To Quit Smoking
9 Ways To Quit Smoking
No matter how many times people read the statutory warning on the cigarette packet, it is difficult to let go of the addiction. This is due to the presence of nicotine in the cigarettes. Smoking is injurious not only to ...
Tips For Heavy Smokers To Detox Lungs
Smoking is reportedly a bad habit, both because it affects your health and the health of the people around you. Studies show people who quit smoking have traces of lung damage even after several years. The lungs in our ...
Tips Heavy Smokers Detox Lungs
Deal With Headache Quitting Cigarette
Quitting Cigarette Deal With Headaches?
You must have seen many of your friends trying to quit smoking or you yourself have gone through this phase of quitting. Quitting smoking is terribly painful for most of us like any other addictions. You go through many problems; physically ...
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