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7 Ways In Which Smoking Ruins Your Looks
Are you stressed out and want to light a cigarette? We suggest you have a dark chocolate instead; because smoking ruins your look. In India, at least there have been concerted efforts over the past decade by statutory agencies to highlight ...
Ways In Which Smoking Ruins Your Looks
Smokers Cough Treat Remedies
Treat Smoker's Cough With Remedies
Smoking has its own side effects on the throat. The effects of smoking on your health are disastrous. But the smoker's throat symptoms are particularly scary. Your throat, mouth, nose and lungs are the four parts that come in direct and ...
Does Smoking Affect Your Skin?
Smoking harms not only the active smoker but also the passive smoker. Smoking has a lot of bad effects: it can cause lung cancer, breathing ailments and other health problems. Smoking can cause problems to the skin as well. One puff ...
Does Smoking Affect Your Skin
Ways To Quit Smoking
9 Ways To Quit Smoking
No matter how many times people read the statutory warning on the cigarette packet, it is difficult to let go of the addiction. This is due to the presence of nicotine in the cigarettes. Smoking is injurious not only to ...
Tips For Heavy Smokers To Detox Lungs
Smoking is reportedly a bad habit, both because it affects your health and the health of the people around you. Studies show people who quit smoking have traces of lung damage even after several years. The lungs in our ...
Tips Heavy Smokers Detox Lungs
Deal With Headache Quitting Cigarette
Quitting Cigarette Deal With Headaches?
You must have seen many of your friends trying to quit smoking or you yourself have gone through this phase of quitting. Quitting smoking is terribly painful for most of us like any other addictions. You go through many problems; physically ...
Ways For Men To Quit Smoking
Men who smoke are prone to becoming impotent, suffer from mouth or throat cancer. There are many other health problems that arise due to smoking. Men too need to quit smoking as it affects their reproductive health. Apart from becoming impotent, ...
Ways For Men To Quit Smoking
Twelve Ways In Which Smoking Effects Beauty
12 Ways In Which Smoking Effects Beauty
Are you looking for reasons to quit smoking. Well, not that there are any less health hazards of smoking. But if vanity is what it takes to get you off this terrible habit, then so be it. The effects of smoking ...
20 Foods To Help You Quit Smoking
There are a lot of smokers who wish they were not addicted to smoking. These people are also well aware about the hazards of smoking and many among them really want to quit smoking completely. Many people try to quit smoking ...
Twenty Foods Help You Quit Smoking
Fourteen Veteran Old Celebrity Smokers
14 Veteran Old Celebrity Smokers
Did you think that most of the celebrities who smoke are young? Kristen Stewart smoking up with her friends or Justin Bieber blowing smoke in a crowded place is no big deal. There are old celebrity smokers who are now regarded ...
The Most Harmful Chemicals In Cigarettes
Many smokers have a habit of saying that they want their ‘nicotine drags'. The ironic part about this phrase is that is highly misinformed. Most smokers hardly know that they are smoking up much more than just tobacco. There are many ...
Most Harmful Chemicals In Cigarettes
Ill Effects Electronic Cigarette Health
Ill Effects Of Electronic Cigarette For Health
Have you heard of the well known and 'safe to use' electronic cigarettes? This electronic cigarettes which is considered a healthy option for smokers is now considered to be a threat! This electronic cigarettes has grabbed the attention of countless tobacco ...
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