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Skin Care

Nothing can make you look more beautiful than a healthy and glowing skin. At a time of extreme pollution, harsh UV rays and faulty lifestyle, skin is the worst affected and thus skin care is the only solution. Find all skin care tips and solutions to all skin related problems here. With these skin care tips, bask in impeccable beauty.
5 Reasons Why Red Sandalwood Is Skin-Friendly
Red sandalwood powder is made from the bark of a tree, and has many medicinal properties. This is a secret ingredient that your grandmother has added in the face packs that she prepared for you. Red sandalwood is also ...
Five Benefits Of Red Sandalwood
Benefits Of Sandalwood For Skin
Benefits Of Sandalwood For Skin
Sandalwood, or chandan as it is known in India, is a very common product that is often mentioned in beauty products. Sandalwood benefits for skin are multiple which gives it a very special place in skin care. With sandalwood in their ...
Simple Ways To Avoid Acne
Suffering from acne problem? Well, you are in right page then. Acne-prone skin requires extra care and regular cleaning. You need to realise that acne is a result of oily skin as well as impure blood. Internal impurity can cause acne ...
Simple Ways To Avoid Acne
Six Tips To Maintain An Oily Face
6 Best Tips To Maintain An Oily Face
Do you suffer from an oily face? Do you need a solution that can help remove the oils from your face, and give you a clean, scar-free face?Oily skin requires more care than regular or dry skin. You need to make ...
Skin Benefits Of Using Egg & Oil Face Pack
For several years now, women have used eggs as an effective natural ingredient to make facial masks. As eggs have proteins, it is beneficial for the body as well as for the skin. An egg has nearly 69 different proteins. It ...
Skin Benefits Of Using Egg And Oil Face Pack
Dos And Donts When Dealing With Scars
The Dos And Donts When Dealing With Scars
Scars can be a severe deterrent to good and healthy looking skin. While dealing with scars, it is imperative that you be careful not to unnecessarily overdo things or as a matter of fact,neglect things. In this article, we explore the ...
Important Points About Suncare That You Need To Know
The skin is highly susceptible to radiation from the sun and can get seriously affected if suncare isn't a priority. At most point in time,people aren't aware of the implications of sun exposure and the necessity of proper suncare. The risk ...
Dos And Donts Of Suncare
Tips To Look Younger And Handsome For Men
Effective Ways To Look Younger And Handsome
Men would literally give anything to look young, handsome and attractive, won't they? Well, besides the many foods that can enhance beauty and make you look younger, there are a few other ways to look young and handsome as well. In ...
Ways To Protect Skin While Swimming
Swimming is one of the best exercises that one can opt for to achieve overall body fitness. Not only does it burn calories but tones the entire body. Besides, this is one exercise that guarantees minimum physical injury. Even those having ...
How To Protect Your Skin When Swimming
Fifteen Skin Care Tips For The Bride To Be
15 Skin Care Tips For The Bride-to-be
You need to look your best at your wedding day. Everybody’s eyes will be on you. There are different things that you can do before you start getting skin ready for marriage. You can talk to someone who has got married ...
5 Questions To Ask Your Beautician Before A Facial
Facial will give your skin that extra glow. This treatment can also be used if you have whiteheads. It will also open up your pores. A facial once in a while will do no harm. In fact, you will find yourself ...
Five Questions To Ask Your Beautician Before A Facial
Kiwi Benefits For Skin
Top 5 Kiwi Benefits For Skin
Kiwi fruit, which is a native to Northern China and widely found in countries like Italy, Chile, New Zealand and Greece is an exotic fruit with a very soft texture and unique flavor. This fruit is oval in shape and as ...
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