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Skin Care

Nothing can make you look more beautiful than a healthy and glowing skin. At a time of extreme pollution, harsh UV rays and faulty lifestyle, skin is the worst affected and thus skin care is the only solution. Find all skin care tips and solutions to all skin related problems here. With these skin care tips, bask in impeccable beauty.
6 Tips To Exfoliate Very Dry Skin
Along with weather changes there comes a drastic turn in skin and health problems. While health problems are dealt with natural cures, so is your skin. There are a couple of home remedies to treat dry skin, but the basic is ...
Six Tips How To Exfoliate Dry Skin
Using Eggs For Stretch Marks
Using Eggs For Stretch Marks
How to get rid of stretch marks with eggs? Well, these marks can spoil the look of your skin. When your skin experiences stretching either due to pregnancy or any other reason, these marks start appearing on your skin. Sometimes, these ...
Tips For Flawless Foundation
Are you struggling for flawless foundation techniques? Applying foundation would sometimes make some of us anxious. The reason behind this is the final effect. If you are not careful in the application, your look goes for a toss. Your skin might ...
Tips For Flawless Foundation
Twelve Chin Hair Removal Remedies
12 Chin Hair Removal Remedies
These days many are opting for home remedies to remove tan, to treat acne, to lighten scars and to also remove unwanted hair. Using home remedies for hair removal is the best as it has no side effects. In comparison to ...
7 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Makeup Regularly
All of us have a constant pursuit for cosmetics to look more beautiful. There is a notion among people that without cosmetics they won’t look beautiful. It is true that cosmetics does give that extra glow and attraction ...
 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Makeup Regularly 064500
Beauty Benefits Of Turmeric Powder
Beauty Benefits Of Turmeric Powder
Are you aware of the beauty benefits of turmeric? The Indian name for turmeric is haldi. It is actually a spice used in many dishes. It is available in the form of powder. It also adds taste to some Indian dishes. ...
10 Homemade Night Creams For Skin Whitening
Do you want to become fair overnight? Then here are a handful of skin whitening creams you can apply tonight. These homemade night creams for your skin are effective and have no negative reactions. Those who have sensitive skin can use ...
Ten Homemade Night Creams For Skin Whitening
Ten Acne Myths Unveiled
10 Acne Myths Unveiled
Acne and pimples is a common problem both among teenagers as well as adults. There are many treatments for that that we normally do. We make every possible step to curb the annoying problem. We listen to each and every advice ...
How To Use Honey To Remove Acne At Home
Pimples and acne!! Haunting nightmares of all beauty conscious women out there! In simple terms, these are inflammations of the skin when the oil glands are infected with bacteria. This will result in swelling filled with pus. Pimples occur on the ...
How To Use Honey To Remove Acne At Home
Fourteen Dos And Donts For An Oily Skin
14 Do's And Don'ts For An Oily Skin
There are do's and don'ts for oily skin which we will discuss today with you and some natural home remedies for oily skin. If your skin is oily then you may be always bothered about greasy texture, acne, pimples, black heads ...
12 Ways To Treat Dry Skin In Summer
Summer is here and the main problem which is faced by many is dry skin. As soon as the weather begins to change, you will see your skin changing colour too. Flaky, itchy skin looks ugly and feels miserable as well. ...
Twelve Ways To Treat Dry Skin In Summer
Overnight Beauty Tips
The Best Overnight Beauty Tips
How are overnight beauty tips helpful. Well, they work well as you will allow certain ingredients to work on your skin during your sleep. Most of us cannot afford to spend hours together wearing face packs or hair packs. So, we ...
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