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Seafood Recipes

Prawn Malai Curry: Spcl Bong Recipe
Everyone knows that Bengalis love their fish. But they have a special soft spot for prawns or 'chingri' as they call it. Prawns are every Bong's weakness. No wonder they have some really ingenious Bengali prawn recipes. Today, we will be ...
Prawn Malai Curry Special Bong Recipe

Juicy Shrimp In Mayo Sauce Recipe
Juicy Shrimp In Mayo Sauce Recipe
Shrimps are very difficult ingredients to cook. They get overcooked easily. And if shrimps are undercooked, they do not taste good either. That is why even the most expert cooks are very particular about the most easy prawn recipes. But, when ...
Bengali Fish Recipes For Pohela Boishakh 2014
Pohela Boishakh 2014 is on Tuesday (April 15) and celebrations are already in place. For those who do not know, Pohela Boishakh is the Bengali New Year and all Bengalis eat their favourite fish on this day. Usually, people of other ...
Bengali Fish Recipes For 2014 Pohela Boishakh
Lasooni Jhinga Grilled Garlic Prawns
Lasooni Jhinga: Grilled Garlic Prawns
Lasooni Jhinga is a dish you may have come across in menus of Indian restaurants. The thought of grilled garlic prawns would make any seafood lover salivate. But we would never dare to try such an exotic sounding dish at home ...
Meen Moilee: Kerala Fish Curry
Meen Moilee or fish Moilee is a famous fish curry from the coasts of Kerala. The word Meen means fish and Moilee is the stew. The fish is cooked in a coconut milk stew with very little spices so that the ...
Meen Moilee Kerala Fish Curry
Prawn Ghee Roast Recipe From Mangalore
Prawn Ghee Roast Recipe From Mangalore
Prawn ghee roast is a very typical Mangalorean dish. The original dish uses chicken instead of prawns. But eventually, the prawn ghee roast recipe became more popular than the actual recipe using chicken. This Indian prawn curry has a very distinct ...
Christmas Spcl: Prawn Ambot Tik Recipe
Christmas is the time to be merry and of course it is time for good food too. What can be a better option than preparing an exquisite Goan prawn recipe during the festive time? Prawn Ambot Tik is a delicious Goan ...
Prawn Ambot Tik Christmas Special Recipe
Kerala Style Prawn Pepper Fry
Kerala Style Prawn Pepper Fry
How about some spicy seafood for the weekend? If you are in mood for seafood then we have an excellent recipe of prawn for you. Prawns are the most loved seafood and there are variety of ways to cook this ingredient. ...
Dry Masala Shrimps Recipe
Prawns or shrimps are one of the most popular seafood that is very much cherished. Prawns are great supplier of proteins and low in fat and calories which make them a healthy food. Prawns are low in saturated fat (which is ...
Dry Masala Shrimps Recipe
Pan Fried Salmon In Coconut Oil
Pan Fried Salmon In Coconut Oil
How about some seafood over the weekend? Let us try out a unique fish recipe with salmon. Salmon is a quite popular fish and the health benefits of this fish are numerous. Salmon is great for eye sight, muscles, heart, skin ...
Goan Prawn Balchao Recipe
Are you in a mood for some tasty and lip-smacking seafood? Then try out Prawn Balchao. This delicious seafood recipe hails from the state of Goa which is popular for its seafood delicacies. The Goan cuisine has a variety of prawn, ...
Goan Prawn Balchao Recipe
Kerala Prawn Masala Recipe
Kerala Style Prawns Masala
A delightful treat for all seafood lovers is here. Prawns is one seafood which is relished by almost all seafood foodies. Prawn curry is a sumptuous dish which is prepared with different ingredients in different parts of the country. The coastal ...
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