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Salad Recipes

Chana Salad: Weight Loss Recipe
Chana is a very popular legume in the Indian cuisine. Also known as chickpeas, chana is prepared quite often in North Indian houses. You might have heard about chana bhatura, where the spicy side dish of chana is served with fried ...
Chana Salad Weight Loss Recipe
Kale Salad Recipe Weight Loss
Kale Salad Recipe For Weight Loss
Kale, the green leafy vegetable is considered as the vegetarian beef. It is loaded with vitamins, nutrients and proteins that are very healthy. It offers many health benefits and helps detoxify the body, aids weight loss, strengthens the immune system and ...
Cucumber Salad: Healthy Recipe
Cucumber is the most widely used summer vegetables. It is rich in water and is very less in calories. That is why, dieters have cucumber regularly. You can either add few slices of juicy and crunchy cucumber in the sandwiches or ...
Cucumber Salad Healthy Recipe
Smoky Chicken Salad Recipe
Smoky Chicken Salad Recipe
Chicken salad recipes are usually healthy but they are also very bland. People who like to feel the zest of spices in their food (aka Indians) need a chicken salad recipe that is more fiery. The smoky chicken salad is perfect ...
Margarita Shrimp Salad For Dieters
Prawn recipes are among the healthiest foods, especially if you are dieting. Shrimps are low in calories and have plenty of vital minerals. That is why a good proportion of diet recipes are prawn recipes. The dish that we are preparing ...
Margarita Shrimp Salad For Dieters
Potato Mayonnaise Salad
Potato Salad With Mayonnaise
Many of us avoid including potatoes in our meal as it has high carbs and is considered to be fattening. But yet, we would not resist having potato chips and cheat on our diet. As a matter of fact, potatoes has ...
Low Fat Paneer Vegetable Salad
Salad is one of the healthiest dishes. Celebrities have brought the trend of including salads in your meal. There are many dieters who follow a salad diet to lose weight while taking in the required vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy. ...
Paneer And Vegetable Salad Recipe
Salad Low Calorie Recipes
Delicious Low Cal Salad Recipes
Salad is one of the most popular low fat disesh that is becoming very popular among dieters. Even celebrities are trying to lose weight and maintain their slim figure by having fresh salads. Salad is so popular that a diet has ...
Sprouted Salad: A Low Calorie Breakfast Recipe
We all know that salads are healthy for us and are great as a breakfast recipe. Sprouted salads are excellent for you to have in breakfast. They provide you with lots of nutrition and at the same time it is very ...
Sprouted Salad Recipe
Potato Vegetable Salad Recipe
Yummy Potato Vegetable Salad Recipe
Salads are becoming the most common staple food for dieters and figure conscious freaks. Salads are low in fat, calories and are made with healthy ingredients like vegetables, fruits and spices. Diet plans include salads in one part of the meal. ...
Prawn Salad: A Healthy Salad Recipe
Prawn salad is a mouth-watering prawn recipe that is both healthy and tasty. It is a low calorie salad recipe that can be blended with your favourite vegetables. You can make this prawn salad on any day as it is a ...
Prawn Salad Recipe
Bell Pepper Cold Salad Recipe
Cold Bell Pepper Salad: A Chinese Recipe
Bell pepper salad is amazing and delicious. A dish full of bell peppers, some other vegetables and mayonnaise adds both to your taste palate along with satisfying the nutrient requirements of your body. Combine your favorite vegetables and form a vegetarian ...
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