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Renunciation-Beyond Dry Scholarship
Mere reading of religious scriptures does not open the door way to spiritual realization. The truth, the underlying core of such scriptures will have to be adhered. Renunciation and Not Mere ScholarshipSri Ramakrishna saw that the pundits spoke words of ...
Renunciation Sri Ramakrishna Sri Ramakrishna

Kural 365
Thirukkural-On Virtue-Elimination Of Desire-Kural 365
Atravar enpaar avaa atraar matraiyarAtraaha atradhu ilar.Only those, who have given up all desire, have truly renounced;The rest surely have not renounced adequatelyThe idea is that renunciation is a purposeless exercise unless it is absolute.The ceremonial giving up of ex...
Thirukkural-On Virtue-The Renunciation-Kural 350
Patruka patratraan patrinai appatraippatruka patru vidarkuThe only attachment that will help to sever all other bonds and attachments,is the attachment to the Lord, who is the boundless source of all things.God is the creator of all things, and, while loving all ...
Kural 350
Kural 349
Tirukkural-On Virtue-The Renunciation-Kural 349
Patratra kannae pirapparukkum mattruNilaiyaamai kaanap padumFinal release comes only to those who have severed all bonds;All else linger in this impermanent world.The abandonment of all attachments is the only road to deliverance. This is also the Gita message.‘B...
Tirukkural-On Virtue-The Renunciation-Kural 348
Talaippattaar theerath turandhaar mayangivalaipattaar matrai yavarThose who have renounced in full, attain salvation;the rest are ensnared in delusions. Full renouncement leads to salvation; partial efforts are nothing but delusions.Rajaji would explain the idea of full re...
Kural 348
Kural 347
Tirukkural-On Virtue-The Renunciation-Kural 347
Patri vidaa idumpaikal patrinaipPatri vidaa thavarkku The bonds of worldly attachments entail in their wake, continuous pain and sorrow. Only those who renounce all these attachments will secure ultimate release, or heaven. That is why the Gita says ...
Tirukkural-On Virtue-The Renunciation-Kural 346
Yaanenadhu ennum cerrukkuaruppaan vaanoarkku Uyarndha ulaham pukum He who overcomes the pride of ego and possessions,Will directly attain Godliness. 'I' and 'mine' are persistent delusions, which a virtuous man who aims at entering the kingdom of ...
Kural 346
Kural 345
Tirukkural-On Virtue-The Renunciation-Kural 345
Matrum thodarpaadu evankol pirapparukkal Utraarkku udampum mihai.For one, who seeks release from the chain of births, body itself is a burden, What then is the idea of other attachment? If one is intent on putting an end ...
Tirukkural-On Virtue-The Renunciation-Kural 344
Iyalpaakum noanpirkonru inmai udaimai Mayalaakum marrum peyarthu True penance demands total dispossession of oneself; Even a single exception will lead to delusionPenance begins with complete dispossession of all one's possessions; in trying to make exceptions one only ...
Kural 344
Kural 343
Tirukkural-On Virtue-The Renunciation-Kural 343
Aadalvaendum ainthan pulathai vidalvaendum Vaendiya ellaam orunguThe essence of renunciation is the scotching of the five senses and their experience, As well as the eschewing of all desires at the same time. Controlling of the five senses ...
Tirukkural-On Virtue-The Renunciation-Kural 342
Vaendinun taakath thurakka thurandhapin Ieenduiyar paala palaIf you seek to experience the real joys of renunciation even in this world,You should renounce all worldly attachments in time.When one gives up all attachment to worldly things, in the Gita ...
Kural 342
Kural 341
Tirukkural-On Virtue-The Renunciation-Kural 341
Yaathanin yaathanin neengiyaan noathal Athanin athanin ilanWhen you detach yourself from things of the world, one by one, Each step will be a relatively painless process. This again is Valluvar's practical suggestion to facilitate detachment. He ...
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