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6 Interesting Facts About Hinduism
Hinduism is a widely acknowledged religion and particularly appreciated for its rich heritage and culture. Since its evolution, the religion has undergone several changes in its belief systems. However, with the values it seeks to instill in society at large, Hinduism ...
Interesting Facts About Hinduism

Interesting Facts About Islam
5 Interesting Facts About Islam
Islam is one of the largest religions in the world with over 1.5 billion followers worldwide. Islam is considered to be one of the three Abrahamic religions along with Christianity and Judaism. Although faced with a formidable criticism in the ...
Spiritual Remedies For Rahu Dosha
Rahu and Ketu are two shadow plants in Hindu mythology. Rahu and Ketu were basically asuras who came and sat with the devas when they were being served 'amrit' or elixir. When they had just drunk half the amrit, they were ...
Spiritual Remedies For Rahu Dosha
Ten Strange Religious Rituals That Will Shock You
10 Strange Religious Rituals That Will Shock You
Religious rituals are supposed to be sombre and thought provoking. But sometimes they are also funny or rather extreme. There are many strange religious rituals that can actually be really shocking. These strange religious practices around the world are still rampant ...
Scientology: Beliefs and Practices
Heard of scientology? It is an interesting and different kind of religion that does not talk to your physical self but addresses your spiritual self! It considers human to be immortal from within his spirit. This religion also aims at understanding ...
Scientology Beliefs And Practices
Lost Religions Of The World
The Lost Religions Of The World
With the rise of modernism, religion has taken a back seat around the world. Right from time immemorial, the new order has replaced the old ones, thereby replacing all the old traditions, customs and beliefs. With the course of time, many ...
12 Religious Symbols And Their Meanings
Religious symbols and their meanings are sometimes lost on us. Very often, we see a holy symbol and don't really know what it means. In other cases, some common religious symbols become so popular that their actual meaning is lost in ...
Twelve Religious Symbols Their Meanings
Famous Mythical Yagnas In Hinduism
Famous Mythical Yagnas In Hinduism
Yagnas were the most integral part of Hinduism considered as a form of worship. Apart from the daily puja and aarti, yagnas or sacrifices were conducted by kings to please the gods. These mythical yagnas were done for a number of ...
Religions That Practice Animal Sacrifice
Animal sacrifice in most religions has been an accepted part of traditions. All ancient cultures has some sort of ritual sacrifice that was a part of their customs. The basic idea behind sacrificing an animal and presenting it to the Gods ...
Religions That Practice Animal Sacrifice
Four Most Holy Places For Buddhists
The 4 Most Holy Places For Buddhists
Buddhism is a religion that is all about silence and inner peace. There are no large processions or festivities that mark Buddhist festivals. That is because Gautam Buddha did not believe in pomp and show. He preached a soul searching process ...
18 Celebrities Who Changed Their Religion
Celebrities change their religions and names all the time. Most celebrities do not use their real name and become famous by choosing a screen name. Some celebrities also change their religion after becoming famous. Several celebrities have converted to different religions ...
Eighteen Celebrities Who Changed Their Religion
Five Most Sacred Languages In World
The 5 Most Sacred Languages In The World
You may have heard of sacred texts and places. But have you ever heard of the term 'sacred language'? You must not have unless you are a religious scholar. Languages are also holy by virtue of their use. None of the ...
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