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Relationship Advice

If you are not finding ways to solve your relationship problems then read these relationship advice. This will help you overcome relationship problems and lead a happy life with your partner.
10 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Fail
Long distance relationships are often risky. Sometimes, couples in long distance relationships fall apart when they start living in different cities for various reasons. Distance or time should never matter in a relationship if it is 'true' love. Maybe, the 'true' ...
 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Fail
Ways To Prevent Money Fights With Your Spouse
Ways To Prevent Money Fights With Your Spouse
A healthy marriage is one in which both spouses have a say. The opinions and ideas of each one are respected and decisions are taken unanimously. What is also true is that in the end, one common decision should prevail in ...
Is She Considering A Breakup With You?
Being in a relationship is a beautiful experience. Relationship gives you that special feeling as you know you have someone to share your happiness and sorrows, someone to depend upon during those low times and someone who holds your hand and ...
Is She Considering A Breakup With You
How Emotional Infidelity Ruins Relationships
How Emotional Infidelity Ruins Relationships?
Emotional infidelity is basically connecting with a person outside the relationship. This can cause the same amount of damage as a physical affair. Women tend to fall for this more often as they tend to be less romanced by their husbands ...
Reasons Why He Is Not Willing To Commit
Generally, men have a phobia of commitment and often end up ruining relationships because of it. When your man does not commit, it is not that he does not love you. It is just that he is scared of taking responsibility.He ...
Reasons Why He Is Not Willing To Commit 20140704190645
What A Woman Wants Exactly From A Marriage 20140704132400 041497
What A Woman Wants 'Exactly' From A Marriage?
What a woman wants from a marriage is a big question. This is because women themselves are confused what they want from marriage. Some women want emotional and financial stability, companionship, while others look for love and care. THINGS MEN ARE ...
10 Reasons To Believe In Marriage
Marriages are made in heaven. However, this old saying is losing its essence now. Divorce rates have increased substantially over the last few years across the world. Does this imply that the institution of marriage is losing its significance? Of course ...
 Reasons To Believe In Marriage
How To Deal With A Quiet Man
6 Ways To Deal With A Quiet Man
Making conversations with quiet men can sometimes be very uncomfortable and uneasy. It feels awkward when all you get in a conversation is either a yes or a no. But that certainly does not mean that the person is rude or ...
15 Ways To Love Yourself Again
The greatest gift you can give yourself is love; all you need is to fill yourself with love. We tend to love others without loving ourselves. But along with that when we love ourselves, we feel a sense of contentment. This ...
 Ways To Love Yourself Again
Why Are You Stuck In The Friend Zone
Why Are You Stuck In The Friendzone?
Imagine a situation where you have just proposed the girl you have been friends with for a long time. Just when you blurt out the words I love you to her, she says “you are nothing but a friend to me. ...
Ways To React To Your Husband's Affair
Affairs are emotional or physical. In emotional affairs, the man develops an emotional bond with another woman, which may or may not lead to a physical relationship. In physical affairs, he cheats only for sexual gratification. An emotional affair can be ...
Tips On How To React To Husband S Affair
How To Calm An Angry Husband
How To Calm An Angry Husband
Having an angry husband is difficult. But, it is more difficult if you don’t know how to handle him! Nothing will make a women go through a variety of feelings and emotions than an angry husband. Angry husbands fall into two ...
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