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Relationship Advice

If you are not finding ways to solve your relationship problems then read these relationship advice. This will help you overcome relationship problems and lead a happy life with your partner.
6 Habits For A Successful Marriage
You marry someone hoping that the bond will last forever. But frankly speaking, if you put in the efforts, the bond will surely last forever. If you ignore working on it, there my be ups and downs. There are some habits ...
Habits A Successful Marriage
Qualities Of A Gentleman
5 Qualities Of A Gentleman
There are so many men but out of them only a few gentlemen. This is the reason why a woman must know about certain qualities of a gentleman so that she can gauge men better. If you are in love with ...
15 Best Qualities Of A Family Man
What are the qualities of a family man? Out of all men, family men are liked more by women. The reason why women tend to fall for such men is because of two reasons. Firstly, such men respect their wives and ...
Qualities Of A Family Man
How Girls Exploit Boys In Love
How Girls Exploit Boys In Love
Though the title of this article is how girls exploit boys in love, we are going to discuss about general exploitation in relationships. So, it doesn't mean that only girls exploit or only boys exploit. In some cases, the girls take ...
Signs Your Husband Disrespects You
Do you know how husbands disrespect their wives? Well, there are many ways in which they show their displeasure. Depending upon their behavior pattern and character, they choose certain ways to show their disrespect. At the end of the day, if ...
Signs Your Husband Disrespects You
 Ways To Get Away From Your Abusive Boyfriend
10 Ways To Get Away From Your Abusive Boyfriend
In India, the patriarchal hold is so evident that even if the girl is the one who got abused in the relationship, she will be the one to be blamed. Her character is questioned, her intentions are scanned under a microscope ...
Relationship Lessons You Can Learn From Pets
Do you need relationship lessons? If your love life is not getting anywhere and if you think that you need to change yourself, then the best way of doing it is by looking at your pets to learn a few lessons. ...
Relationship Lessons You Can Take From Pets
Signs Of Jealousy In Relationships
Signs Of Jealousy In Relationships
What are the signs of jealousy in relationships? We all know the fact that jealousy is the reason why half of the relationships in this world get affected and go for a toss. It can impact any relationship in a big ...
7 Tips To Deal With A Boring Boyfriend
Boredom creeps in whenever we get comfortable in a relationship. Doing the same things over and over again on a daily basis can get on your nerves. The initial period is filled with lust and everything is a high. But then ...
 Tips To Deal With A Boring Boyfriend
Signs Your Friends Are Ruining Your Relationship
Signs Your Friends Are Ruining Your Relationship
There are certain signs your friends are ruining your relationship. Be ware of them. You may have good relations with your freinds but if they don't like your relationship, they may try to ruin it. There are many instances in which ...
Do Love Marriages Last?
Love marriage vs arranged marriage – which is the better? This debate has always been going on and will continue. We can never give a definite answer to it. But it would not be wrong to say that arranged marriages get ...
Do Love Marriages Last
Why Marriages Fail
Top 6 Reasons Why Marriages Fail
Broken marriages are not breaking news nowadays! It is very common that marriages are failing with or without solid reasons. If you analyze the reasons why marriages fail, you may get surprised to know that there will be even silly reasons ...
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