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Get tips to mainatin your relationship with care and also go through the parenting tips to help find out ways in dealing with teenage behavior
Essential Foundations Every Successful Relationship Needs
An important life lesson we've all learnt is that nothing sustains itself without a concrete foundation. As far as relationships are concerned, this fact cannot be more true. Every successful relationship rests on a set of fundamentals, without which the relationship ...
Foundations For A Successful Relationship
Eight Signs He Is Checking Out Other Women
8 Signs He Is Checking Out Other Women!
Does your man look at other women when you are around or have you not noticed his unsteady behaviour around the ladies? There are some men who can't seem to get enough from the woman they are with, thus giving them ...
Tangible Signs Your Girlfriend Is Crazy
Different people come to this world with different characteristics. While some people are calm and composed, some others are, of course, crazy- does not mean that crazy people aren't calm but there is that distinct element that distinguishes them from the ...
Signs Your Girlfriend Is Crazy
Why She Should Propose
Why 'She' Should Propose!
Don't we live in so called country where men and women are treated alike? Why should men be given the privilege of asking a girl's hand in marriage when she can do it too. It is not a rocket science ...
Why Couples Don't Want Kids?
Kids are the cutest little beings that walk the planet, but unfortunately there are some couples who intend not to have one. When a couple is wed, the first thing after a period of a year in marriage in laws begin ...
Why Couples Dont Want Kids
Problems Of A Late Marriage
7 Relationship Problems Of A Late Marriage
People get married at different ages as a matter of choice. As such, there doesn't accurately exist the ideal age for marriage although people do feel that anytime between the ages 25 and 30 is the best age to get married- ...
Things Indian Kids Don't Tell Parents
In India where dating is still considered a taboo, it leaves children with no choice but to lie to their parents. Kids who are dating or are in relationship keep their affair a secret. They fear that they would make their ...
Things Indian Kids Dont Tell Parents
Ten Ways To Say Your Gay
10 Ways To Say Your Gay
Facing the world for any normal person is not an easy job. Being yourself and standing up for what you are and what you want to be, demands courage and determination. When the person in question is a homosexual, conditions become ...
Weird Things That Affect Every Relationship
There are some weird things that affect every relationship. If you and your partner have no idea how to deal with it, your relationship can fall apart. Many a times partners have to compromise to deal with these weird things. But, ...
Weird Things That Affect Every Relationship
Why Single Men Chase Married Women
Why Single Men Chase Married Women?
A young, single man with a much married woman; haven't we heard this story a numerous times? Does it ever bother you why men like married women when they themselves are single? It is a cliché that has been done to ...
10 Things We Need From Relationships
Relationships are not made in heaven; they are very earthy matter that have to be sorted out by human beings. If you believe in the concept of soul mates or divine intervention in your relationships, then you will be shocked by ...
Ten Things We Need From Relationships
Ten Signs Of True Love
10 Signs Of True Love
When you are in a relationship, there is always a fix if the love you share with your partner is true or not. There are a lot of times when partners split since they are better off without each other. ...
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