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Get tips to mainatin your relationship with care and also go through the parenting tips to help find out ways in dealing with teenage behavior
8 Reasons Why Women Cheat
Being in a relationship is perhaps the most wonderful experience people encounter in their lives. But weighing in the impermanence of certain things in life, relationships can sometimes turn sour.. The most unexpected things can sometimes manifest and change things for ...
Reasons Why Women Cheat
Ten Things To Never Do After Fight
10 Things To Never Do After A Fight
You must be familiar with that foul taste in your mouth after you have a serious fight with your partner. No matter where you are and what you do, you cannot seem to get that sense of dissatisfaction out of your ...
12 Ways To Touch Your Woman
In every relationship, one wants to get physical at some point of time. In terms of physical, we do not mean - getting into each pants! To get physical, it means a peck on the cheek, a tickle, brushing her hair, ...
Twelve Ways To Touch Your Woman
How To Move Out After Divorce?
How to move out of your house after a divorce? You must be thinking that it is a lame question. After all, they show in the movies that you just pack your things in a tiny bag and make your way ...
How To Move Out After Divorce
How Love Makes You Feel Stupid
How Love Makes You Feel Stupid
When you are in love and sitting on cloud nine, there are certain things love makes you want to do. They say crazy, stupid love will go to an extent of even driving you insane! Many couples who are in love ...
Why it is important for women to marry mama's boys?
Marriage is an important decision, and even more important is the man you are planning to get married to. You don’t want to make a wrong decision and regret it for the entire life. You may want to think about it ...
Why It Is Important For Women To Marry Mama S Boys
Eight Reasons You Are Losing Friends
8 Reasons You Are Losing Your Friends
Losing friends is a common phenomenon. We keep losing touch with our old friends and they are replaced by new friends. Sometimes, losing friends can be really upsetting. This is especially true when you keep losing friends regularly. There are reasons ...
15 Characteristics Of An Ideal Partner
Marriage is something we all look at in the near future when we think we have found the right partner! But, what makes him or her ideal to be a great partner for you? There are certain things to look ...
Fifteen Characteristics Of An Ideal Partner
Cons Of A Live In Relationship
Cons Of A Live-In Relationship
It may seem a great idea to live in with your man before marriage, but in the long run, it can turn out to be a poor decision. Many think that live-in relationships are the best way to know your partner ...
Danger Signs Of Emotional Cheating
Cheating is a deal-breaker in a relationship. But have you ever considered what classifies as cheating in a relationship? Is it the physical act of sleeping with someone else or is there more to cheating than raw sexuality? Actually, cheating begins ...
Danger Signs Of Emotional Cheating
Dont Try These Ten Worst Ways To Break Up
Don't Try These 10 Worst Ways To Break Up!
Tired of the person you are with and want to break up with him/her? However, you are unable to face him/her, so you opt for other ways that can be extremely painful and heartbreaking? There are a lot of men and ...
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