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Present Moment

To Achieve Success Perfect Your Present Actions
There are no miracles to achieve success in life. One's present actions alone determine one's future. Heated gold alone becomes the ornament, beaten copper alone becomes wires and chiseled stones alone become the worshipful idol. To gain the strength of ...
Achieve Success Present Moment Actions 130711 Aid

Mindfulness In The Present Moment
Mindfulness In The Present Moment To Enrich Life
Mindfulness is the key to live life fully. It is an undeniable fact that everyone wants to lead a wholesome life. We are all invariably looking for enrichment in life under the cover of our various undertakings. It is ...
Live Every Moment In Total Awareness
Everyone of us has intelligence. It is an inherent, inborn quality of life. Intelligence is not something to attain; every living being is endowed with intelligence. Most of us have lost touch with our natural intelligence; that is why we are ...
Total Awareness Intelligence Present
Present Moment Joy Arise Inner Experience
Let Joy Arise From Within You!
Our Vedic scriptures say that we are divine creatures whose true nature is bliss. We are created to enjoy the pleasures and the bounty of the Earth. Scriptures have clearly said that the source for this pleasure is from within. Only ...
Perfect Action In Total Awareness
Being in the present moment is being aware. A short story of a tradesman who worked at his spindle reveals the aforesaid truth.The tradesman in a small village worked at his spindle perfectly. He sat on his knees in his small ...
Perfect Action Total Awareness
Total Freedom Past Future Osho
Freedom From Fetters
Freedom in its complete sense would be liberation from the past as well as the future. A short story relates the binding nature of attachments owing to one's alternated dwelling in the past and the future, ignoring the present which, postpones ...
Dedicated Action
Time and actions dedicated at the altar of the Lord, do not leave their foot-prints of past memories to tie down the individual to brood, to worry, to vegetate.Time hangs on for those who act with motives to ...
Dedicated Action Peace Mind
Zen Short Story Living Present
The Throttling Way Of Teaching
One day as the Zen monk Rinzai was giving a sermon, his speech was interrupted by some disturbance. The master stopped and enquired what the matter was. One man stood up and asked him, “What is soul?” Rinzai ...
The Present Moment
When the mind drops its perceptions of sense objects and stops identification with its thought dances, at that stage in meditation, the mind is no-mind. When thoughts rush out in their mad fury to hug objects of pleasure, ...
Present Moment Past Future No Mind
Comparison Clarity Present Living
Bring Clarity Into Comparison
Do you ever compare yourself with people who don’t have eyesight and thank God that you have been given eyesight? Have you ever spontaneously felt thankful for your eyesight? No! Why not? Because whatever has been given to you ...
The Battle Between The Past And The Present
One wonders whether there is such a thing as past at all. Yet the past stays with us, as our constant companion since the residual memory of the experience continues and gives direction and momentum to our actions and ...
Past Present Silent Mind Self Experience
Self Discovery Enquiry Attention
The Discovery Channel
Many are drawn to Ramana’s teachings by its direct simplicity, because of its emphasis on practice and experience. Unfortunately after sometime they lose their initial enthusiasm having successfully reduced this life transforming path to a mere routine or ...
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