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Pregnancy is an important stage in every woman’s life. It is essential for every woman to about proper prenatal care and the basics of pregnancy to avoid pregnancy complications in the prenatal stage.
Why Women Choose Elective C Section?
Usually, going into labour is a matter of chance. You have to wait out your time at home until contractions start. That is why; many pregnant women choose to have elective c sections these days instead of waiting to go into ...
Why Women Choose Elective C Section
Reason For Joint Pain During Pregnancy
Top 7 Reasons For Joint Pain During Pregnancy
It is true! Pregnancy is the most exciting phase of a woman’s life where she experiences many things that are entirely new for her. But, the dark side of this is that these experiences include many factors that offer uneasiness and ...
Do You Need To Have A Birth Plan?
I had no idea that you are supposed to have a birth plan until women in my pregnancy support group started discussing it. It is supposed to be a document that states your preferences while you go through the child birth ...
Do You Need To Have A Birth Plan
Are Mucus Plug Water Break Same
Are Mucus Plug & Water Break Same?
When you are pregnant, you are usually haunted by two things the most. One is losing your 'mucus plug' and the other is a 'water break'. If you are over 36 weeks pregnant, you doctor must have introduced you to these ...
Pregnancy And High Altitude Travel
All pregnant women are curious about what is safe for them during pregnancy and what isn't. Getting pregnant changes your entire life. You cannot do some of the most basic things like taking the stairs or riding bumping cars when you ...
Pregnancy High Altitude Travel
Perils Of Overweight Baby During Pregnancy
Perils Of Overweight Baby During Pregnancy
When we say that a baby is overweight, most often we mean that the baby is already born. But even an unborn baby can be overweight. If your baby is extremely large, then you can say that your baby is overweight ...
Myths About Pregnancy Intercourse
Pregnant women often don't want to have intercourse as they believe it might harm their unborn baby. But, according to experts, lovemaking is normal and integral part of pregnancy. It is said that there are no reasons to make drastic ...
Myths About Pregnancy Intercourse
Are You Past Your Due Date In Pregnancy
Are You Past Your Due Date?
Pregnancies over 42 weeks are generally considered to be past the due date and they often come with increased risks for both mother and child. Women who are pregnant even after nine months often wonder why their labour is delayed. ...
Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy Facts
Vaginal discharge is the white coloured normally odourless liquid that comes out of your vagina on a regular basis. It contains the old crumbling cells from the cervix and uterine walls. It also contains bacteria that grows in the vagina. But ...
Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy Facts
Is Having Eggs During Pregnancy Safe
Is Having Eggs During Pregnancy Safe?
When you get pregnant, even common foods are looked upon with suspicion. You suddenly start asking yourself if you can eat this or that without harming the baby. Some foods like papaya, pineapple and Chinese grass are famously forbidden for pregnant ...
7 Reasons For Abdominal Cramps During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is an exciting and stressful period in the life of a woman. Anything that you feel unusual will put you under stress. And you will be worried most about the safety of the unborn baby. But, it is natural for ...
Reasons For Feeling Cramps During Pregnancy
Eight Pregnancy Meal Ideas For First Trimester
8 Pregnancy Meal Ideas For The First Trimester
The first trimester of pregnancy is usually a tough time for would-be moms. Everyone keeps telling you to eat healthy and avoid food that makes you sick. Your hormones are crazy and you are still coming to terms with this new ...
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