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Postnatal Care

Reduce Body Odour After Pregnancy
Pregnancy and labour will leave many changes in your lifestyle and body. While many of these changes are exciting and enjoyable, some others will make you anxious and desperate. A change in the body odour after pregnancy is one among them. ...
Reduce Body Odour After Pregnancy

Postnatal Superfoods New Mother
Postnatal Superfoods For New Mother
After an exciting pregnancy period, you are a mother now. A mother who has to take care of all the needs of your little one. Recovering from labour and getting into a new life will put more pressure to your mind ...
Foods To Prevent Postnatal Constipation
Pregnancy in itself is a phenomenon that changes the biology of a woman's body. Postpartum or postnatal care is of utmost importance. Postnatal constipation is quite common since the drugs used in labour can contribute to slow digestion. Exerting more pressure ...
Foods Prevent Constipation Postnatal
Things About Labour
Things About Labour You Won't Know
When your are pregnant, you start planning for the delivery and postnatal stage. However, when you are in your last trimester, you start worrying about labor. Every pregnant woman prepares herself to experience the first labour of her life. To get ...
How To Stay Healthy After Delivery?
During pregnancy, a woman faces a lot of physical as well as mental changes. She has to look after her health to have a healthy gestation. However, a woman needs to care for herself more after the delivery. As she is ...
Stay Healthy After Delivery
Delay In Periods After Delivery
Delay In Periods After Delivery?
After delivery, many women complain that they are not getting their regular periods. Some women get back to the regular period pattern in just few months after delivery whereas many women's period cycle disrupts completely. When you do not get your ...
Kegel Or Pelvic Exercises After Pregnancy
After pregnancy, the new mother wants to get back to her pre-pregnancy body shape. For nine months, the body goes through several changes. Muscles loosen up for labour and after a vaginal delivery, the muscles need to be brought back ...
Pelvic Exercises After Pregnancy
Postnatal Massage Benefits
Benefits Of Postnatal Massage For New Moms
After delivery, the new mother hardly gets time to look after herself. All her days and nights are spent caring for the newborn. After delivery, many women complain of body pain. Post pregnancy, women put on weight and the urge to ...
Postpartum Sweating Is Common!
Most of the women after delivery have sweating problem. Sweating is nothing serious in the postnatal stage. It is a common skin problem faced during the postpartum days. Sweating starts after delivery and continues for few weeks. Generally women sweat more ...
Postpartum Sweating After Delivery
Postnatal Fever Causes Cure
All About Postnatal Fever!
After delivery, a woman goes through several mental and physical changes. During the postnatal stage, a women can get several infections and other health problems. Be it postpartum depression, bleeding, breast pain, yeast infections or fever, almost every woman suffers fro...
5 Tips For Working And Breastfeeding
Remember that it is not just you who has undergone the hurdles for breastfeeding with work, many women do. Nursing babies is no longer a big task as women and children are getting smarter and practical to the generation. Weaning babies ...
Breastfeeding Working Mothers
Reduce C Section Scars Naturally
Reduce Postnatal C Section Scars Naturally!
Cesarean section delivery are hated by women only because the incision scars on the belly doesn't go therefore making the belly look ugly. C section scars or marks are difficult to remove completely however, you can try to reduce these incision ...
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