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Postnatal care has to followed strictly after childbirth, to avoid depression that can happen during the postpartum period. Proper postnatal care is also important to help the new mother breast feed the baby in a proper manner.
Does Pregnancy Age Your Body?
All women know that pregnancy changes their body permanently. But does pregnancy age your body faster than it would normally have? That is the question you would not have asked yourself or your doctor yet. Post pregnancy body changes are common ...
Does Pregnancy Age Your Body
Eleven Foods Babies Should Avoid Eating
11 Foods Babies Should Avoid Eating
According to experts, there are certain foods babies should avoid eating at any cost, especially if they are between 3 and 12 months.The problem with these foods which are listed below is that they are very difficult to digest. Babies have ...
What Contraception To Use During Lactation?
Most women have this question about using contraception during lactation. Breastfeeding leads to many changes in your reproductive cycle. Many women do not get their menstrual cycle at all while they nurse the baby. That is why they feel that breastfeeding ...
What Contraception To Use During Lactation
Skinny Celebrity Moms Who Lost Baby Weight
Skinny Celebrity Moms Who Lost Baby Weight
Most celebrities try to delay their pregnancy as much as they can because they fear that they will lose their slim figure after having a baby. The average pregnant woman fears that if celebrities with so many fitness trainers and diet ...
Does Breastfeeding Help You Lose Weight Faster?
When you are gaining those extra pounds during pregnancy, you console yourself by saying that you will lose the baby weight when your breastfeed. However, there is a debate on whether breastfeeding helps to lose weight post pregnancy. We can say ...
Does Breastfeeding Help You To Lose Weight Faster
Is Yoga Post Delivery Good
Is Yoga Post Delivery Good?
One of the most famous yoga techniques is the one developed for pregnant women and new mothers. Known as prenatal and postnatal yoga, these yoga techniques help women to control their weight gain and manage the emotional fluctuations during and after ...
Hair Fall After Pregnancy: Remedies
Have you ever experienced Telogen effluvium after your pregnancy? Wondering what it is? Don’t worry! It is nothing other than that annoying hair fall. If you ask new mothers what makes them more concerned about postnatal period, you may get surprised ...
Hair Fall After Pregnancy Tips
Fitness Tips Post Pregnancy
Fitness Tips Post Pregnancy
Now that you have had the baby the next propriety for most new moms would be to knock off the extra pounds that were accumulated during pregnancy. Celebrities always try making it look easy to get back into shape, however ...
12 Breastfeeding Tips For Working Mothers
Many new mothers stop feeding their babies because they want to get back to work. There are an equal number of nursing mothers who quit their jobs because they do not want to wean their babies. Let us admit it at ...
Twelve Breastfeeding Tips For Working Mothers
Causes Of Postpartum Hair Loss Revealed
Causes Of Postpartum Hair Loss Revealed
There are several body changes that occur after pregnancy. You are still battling with angry purple stretch marks and sagging breasts. And to make things worse, you start shedding hair like a dog! It is an absolute nightmare! Sometimes, your hair ...
Wardrobe Choices For Breastfeeding Mothers
You don't realise until you become a mother that your choice of clothing has become very limited. You can now stow away your tight t-shirts, polo necks and sheaths. This is because, for breastfeeding mothers a new wardrobe is absolutely essential. ...
Wardrobe Choices For Breastfeeding Mothers
Postnatal Contraception Tips
Postnatal Contraception Tips
Imagine that situation when you get pregnant even before your first baby starts his first solid food. This is not a rare case. It can happen to any woman at any time, due to the carelessness in taking contraceptive methods. No ...
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