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5 Easy Ways To Survive When You Are Broke
There is an old saying that when you are broke, beg borrow or steal. But none of these three options are easy. You obviously cannot beg unless you are begging for pocket money from your parents. You cannot borrow because you ...
Tips To Survive When You Are Broke
Telling Signs That You Are Too Punctual
Telling Signs That You Are Too Punctual
Being punctual used to be one of the virtues of good education, but not anymore. Nowadays, being fashionably late is what works for people. And if you are the only punctual person in your group, then you have to bear burden ...
Do You Deserve A Good Salary Hike?
This is the time of the year when most companies have their performance appraisals and then give out pay raises. The easiest way to know that increments are due is to observe people in the office. Your co-workers become generally ‘nicer' ...
Do You Deserve Good Salary Hike
How To Break The Ice In New Office Six Easy Ways To Break Ice In New O
Six Easy Ways To Break Ice In New Office
One of the most important things about changing your job is the compulsion of getting adjusted to a new work environment. Most of us have inertia of starting new job because we do not know how to break the ice in ...
10 Signs You Are Mature For Your Age
Being matured is often a compliment that elderly people give you. Among youngsters, ‘mature' is a synonym for ‘boring'. And yet, it becomes important to display maturity in some aspects of your life. That is when signs of being mature for ...
Ten Signs You Are Mature For Your Age
Reasons We Love Jennifer Lawrence
Reasons We Love Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence did not win the Oscars this year but there is definitely no harm done. We still have plenty of reasons to love Jennifer Lawrence. This young Hollywood actress is one of the most loved celebrities ever. Do you know ...
Pros & Cons Of Working In Startup Company
A startup company is basically an organisation that is started by a few people together. Such organisations are new and have very few employees. Working for a startup may be both beneficial and dangerous for your career. If you are working ...
Pros Cons Of Working In Startup Company
Eighteen Reasons Why We Love Kate Middleton
18 Reasons Why We Love Kate Middleton
Usually, royal figures who are celebrities are the object of rumours and hate. But everyone seems to love Kate Middleton. She is one member of the British royalty who is popular in all spheres of life. Be it the media, people, ...
Are You A Victim Of Office Gossip?
The rules of office gossip are such that the person who is being talked about is the last to know. But is if you are indeed a victim of office gossip, then you will eventually come to know that your colleagues ...
Are You Victim Of Office Gossip
How To Flatter Your Boss Smartly
How To Flatter Your Boss Smartly?
There is a very old say that boss is always right. If you can implement this in your work life, then you will have no problems at your office. Flattery comes naturally to some people. If you are not someone who ...
Ways To Know A Self-Confident Person
Self-confidence is a personality trait that sets you apart from the crowd. In fact, being a self-confident person is a real bonus because it helps you along the way in your life. Be it your personal life or professional discourse, confidence ...
Ways To Know Self Confident Person
Signs Of Narcissist
Signs Of A Narcissist
There are many people who are narcissists. Both men and women can be narcissists, which is a personality disorder. Now let us first explain what the word 'narcissist' means. A narcissist in simple words is a person who is in love ...
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