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10 Thoughts That PMSing Women Have
Women and their PMS cycle are simply notorious. It is a biological fact that a woman who is on her PMS cycle is hormonal and prone to emotional ups and downs. But people around them most often bear the brunt of ...
Ten Thoughts That Pms Women Have

Ten Reasons Why Women Are Like Cats
10 Reasons Why Women Are Like Cats
The association between cats are women dates back several centuries. Women have always preferred cats as pets and men love dogs better. When you tell a woman that she is being 'catty', they take it as an insult. But women always ...
12 Signs That You Just Love Cooking!
Most people love eating. Who doesn't like to eat food that is placed in front of them? But if you also go through the toiling process of actually preparing something nice for yourself, then you are really special. These are signs ...
Eleven Signs That You Just Love Cooking
Why Are Scorpios So Succesful
Why Are Scorpios So Successful?
You might have noticed that so many celebrities and famous people belong to the Scorpio sun sign. It is not merely a matter of chance. It is a fact that Scorpios tend to be more successful than people belonging to other ...
9 Worst Situations To Be In
Life is a graph of ups and downs. Nobody has a straight graph all their lives. Everyone has ups and downs as part of their living years. There are some moments that go down as the happiest moments of your life. ...
Nine Worst Situations To Be In
Nine Signs You Are Fashion Victim
9 Signs You Are A Fashion Victim
Every time you swipe your card to pay a hefty amount for the 'fashionable' clothes you buy, you feel victimised. But you still come back in a week to buy clothes from your favourite brand just because there is a 'sale'. ...
Should You Change Jobs For More Money?
Would you change jobs for more money? A majority of people would say 'yes' straight away. However, if you are still waiting and pondering over the question, then either you are a really smart person or you are totally in love ...
Should You Change Jobs For More Money
Twelve Things A Daughter Learns From Her Father
12 Things A Daughter Learns From Her Father
If you are aware of the relationship shared between a father and his daughter, you will relate to this article on a much deeper level. The connection between a father and his daughter is something which cannot be defined in words. ...
Should You Discuss Salary With Colleagues?
A positive work environment is something that we all like to have in the workplace. However, it is not easy to make the work environment positive when your co-workers have uncomfortable discussions. We all are guilty of small crimes. When your ...
Should You Discuss Salary With Colleagues
Nine Mistakes That All Women Bosses Make
9 Mistakes That All Women Bosses Make
Every time someone complains about their lady boss who is a complete bully, we think of the movie ‘Devil Wears Prada'. Are all lady bosses as horrid as Meryl Streep portrayed in this movie? No, the stereotype of the bullying and ...
LOL: Top 10 Biggest Lies Of Your Life
When we were young children, our parents taught us that we must not tell lies. Our teachers told us that it was wrong to tell lies and good children always tell the truth. Religion taught us that 'thou shall not lie ...
Top Ten Biggest Life Of Your Life
Twelve Signs You Are Die Hard Tea Lover
12 Signs You Are A Die Hard Tea Lover
'Coffee or tea?' is not just a metaphorical question for most of us. Most people have very strong likes and dislikes when it comes to picking their favourite beverage. Tea drinkers find coffee bland and coffee drinkers think tea is so ...
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