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Thirukkural-On Virtue-Truthfulness-Kural-297
Poiyaamai poiyaamai aatrin arampira seiaamai seiaamai nanru.If one speaks the truth and only the truth,He need not seek other virtues. For a man who always speaks the truth, there is no need at all for other virtues. ...
Kural 297

Kural 296
Thirukkural-On Virtue-Truthfulness-Kural-296
Poiyaamai anna pukalillai eaiyaamai Ellaa aramum tharum.All the world esteems a truthful man, for whom Other virtues come without any effort. Such a man does not have to undergo physical privations and penance to merit the other ...
Thirukkural-On Virtue-Truthfulness-Kural-295
Manathodu vaaymai moliyin thavaththodu Dhaananjey vaarin thalaiIf one is truthful in thought and word, It is better than doing penance and charity. Truthfulness in thought and word is superior to penance and charity. In this Kural ...
Kural 295
Kural 280
Thirukkural On Virtue- Hypocrisy-Kural-280
Malittalum neettalum vaendaa ulakam palithadhu olithu vidin. There is no need for tonsures or long tresses, provided one eschews Hypocritical conduct, which the world condemns. Shaven head or long hair does not make an ascetic; it ...
Thirukkural- On Virtue- Hypocrisy-Kural-279
Kanaikodidhu yaalkodu sevvidhuaang kanna Vinaipadu paalaal kolalThe arrow that is smooth and straight is cruel,While the crooked 'yal' gives sweet music; Therefore our judgement on things should not be based on appearances but on performance. Men ...
Kural 279
Kural 278
Thirukkural- On Virtue- Hypocrisy-Kural-278
Manathathu maasaaka maandaarni raadi Maraintholuku maandhar palar There are men of sinful heart, who feign saintly ablutions,As cover of virtue for their foul activities.Many such people pass for holy men, and indulge in cleansing rituals, which are ...
Thirukkural- On Virtue- Hypocrisy-Kural-277
Purankunri kandanaiyaa raenum ahangkunri Mookkir kariyaar udaithu Like the 'Kunri' seed, there are some people who shine red all over,But are inwardly black as the nose of the same seed.Kunri is a small, hard and bright-red seed ...
Kural 277
Kural 276
Thirukkural- On Virtue- Hypocrisy-Kural-276
Nenjil thuravaar thurandhaarpoal vanjithu Vaalvaarin vankanaar il. There are no villains, worse than those who cheat the householder,And pretend renunciation without observing it inwardly.Those, who are not ascetics at heart and pretend outwardly that they are what ...
Thirukkural- On Virtue- Hypocrisy-Kural-275
Patratraem enpaar padirrolukkam etretrenru Eatham palavundh tharum. Hypocritical conduct by people, who say they have renounced the world, Will ultimately entail painful self-denunciation.This Kural obviously queries the worth-whileness, of people making public pretence of...
Kural 275
Kural 274
Thirukkural- On Virtue- Hypocrisy-Kural-274
Thavamaraindhu allavai seythal puthalmaraindhu Vaettuvan pulsimilth thattru One who indulges in vice under cover of a saint's trappings, Is like a bird-catcher lying in wait behind a bush.There have always been some people, who have used the ...
Thirukkural- On Virtue- Hypocrisy-Kural-272
Vaanuyar thoatram evanseyyum thannenjam Thanari kuttrap padin. Of what avail are the high trappings of sainthood,If In his conscience, one knows his shameful guilt.To his own self if he is not true, what is the use of ...
Kural 272
Kural 271
Thirukkural- On Virtue- Hypocrisy-Kural-271
Vanja manathaan padirtrolukkam boothangal Aindhum akathe nakum At the hypocritical conduct of a false-hearted man,Even the five elements inside will laugh derisively.A man (ascetic) who is not true to himself and behaves hypocritically will evoke derisive laughter ...
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