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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction Before Birthday
The sexy socialite Paris Hilton suffered a bad wardrobe malfunction just a day before her birthday. The beauty, who is known for her sense of style and fashion, caught a lot attention when she walked the red carpet recently at the ...
Paris Hilton Suffers Wardrobe Malfuntion Before Birthday
Paris Hilton Cy Waits Ended Relationship 220611 Aid
Paris Hilton, Cy Waits Confirm Ending Relationship
After revealing her future plans about marriage and motherhood, Paris Hilton has finally ended her relationship with the nightclub mogul Cy Waits. The 30-yr-old socialite, who was dating Cy Waits since 2010 was reportedly not seen with her beau since ...
Paris Hilton, Busy With Album & Not To Wait For Cy Waits
After launching her own MotoGp team, Paris Hilton is now eyeing on a new album. The 30-yr-old socialite has revealed that she will release her new record by early summer. Talking more on her new album, Paris Hilton said that ...
Paris Hilton New Album 210611 Aid
Paris Hilton Motogp Team 200611 Aid
Paris Hilton Gets Into Racing With MotoGP
From an online handbag store to perfumes to footwear to hair extensions, the Kim Kardashian contemporary and rival Paris Hilton has always been making news. This time, it is for yet another launch, no we aren't talking about the girl stuff ...
Paris Hilton Skin Care Collection To Hit The Stores!
Socialite Paris Hilton is all ready to make a statement in the cosmetic industry. The famous actor will soon launch her skin care collection which is said to be new and most unique. The soon to come skin care collection ...
Paris Hilton Skin Care Collection 150611 Aid
Paris Hilton Life Reality Show 300311 Aid
Paris Hilton: There Is Nothing Like Me
The Heiress-turned TV star Paris Hilton says that she is the "Original" despite her contemporaries are always in news. Hilton, who was interviewed while promoting her her new line of shoes in Mexico stated that she never is in the fear ...
Paris Hilton Wants A Family
Paris Hilton is feeling broody these days as she is eager to start a family of her own. Paris Hilton who is dating Cy Waits, the nightclub mogul, has confessed that she is going to start a family with him soon. ...
Paris Hilton Family Cy Waits 140311 Aid
Paris Hilton 30th Birthday 190211 Aid
Who Ate Paris Hilton's 30th Birthday Cake?
Paris Hilton's 30th birthday has also taken the internet world by rage not because of the exquisite guest list but about a happening which no one saw was coming. On Paris Hilton's 30th birthday, her cake got lost. Paz, a Hollywood ...
Paris Hilton Turns Techno Trendy
Do You Have A Paris Hilton App?Good news for Paris Hilton fans, as the hotel heiress has now launched her own iphone App. Fans can now get constant updates of their favorite star. The iphone App was launched on Thursday and ...
Paris Hilton Iphone App Launch 190211 Aid
Kim Kardashian Paris Hilton Catfight 170211 Aid
Kim And Paris Hilton Say No To Cat Fight
In Jimmy Lovine's Grammy after party, Paris Hilton approached Kim Kardashian and apologised for her bad behaviour, Kim Kardashian reverted back and accepted her apology. No, this is not a scene of the reality show but the reality itself. Reportedly, after ...
Britney Spears & Paris Hilton Share Common Interests
The long term friends have reunited once again, and they are none other than Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. The two of them were spotted at a party last evening where they hugged each other and spent most of the their ...
Britney Spears Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton New Year Resolution
Paris Hilton Wants To Be a “Good Girl”
After all the Christmas cards, bath footage and sporting bikini on Hawaii beach, Paris Hilton comes up with her all new new year resolution for 2011. The famous socialite has said that she has planned to be a good girl all ...
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