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5 Ways To Soothe A Crying Baby
Soothing a crying baby can be extremely hard at times, given the fact that it is hard to sometimes ascertain the reason behind the baby's tears. However, there are a few methods by which a crying baby can be pacified, for ...
Ways To Soothe A Crying Baby

Taking Care Of An Umbilical Stump
Taking Care Of An Umbilical Stump
When a baby is born, the first thing a mother will check is whether the little one is a boy or a girl. The joy of being a mother encapsulates one's surrounding and only when the new mother comes home, she ...
4 Parenting Goals For All Parents
Being a parent requires phenomenal degrees of patience, commitment and sacrifice alike. Oftentimes, the challenges of parenthood can literally suck the life out of you. However, it is this very sacrifice and commitment that goes into shaping a child who'd become ...
Parenting Goals For All Parents
Seven Things To Do When Baby Starts Crawling
7 Things To Do When Baby Starts Crawling
There are very few things more adorable in the world than a baby crawl. When your baby starts crawling, you have to do a lot of stuff quickly. The first concern of any parent is how to avoid baby accidents once ...
8 Secret Tips To Raise Happy Kids
Many of us complain that we have a scarred childhood. We all feel that our parents did not understand us or did not bring us up in the right way. It is only after we become parents ourselves that we realise ...
Eight Secrets Tips To Raise Happy Kids
Global Indian Names For Your Baby Boy 2014 Trend List
Global Indian Names For Baby Boy: 2014 Trend List
It is not easy to think of a name for your baby? You cannot name your baby whatever you fancy. Your baby's name must be special but it also needs to be common enough for him to not be ridiculed by ...
Essential Tips To Deal With A Disrespectful Kid
Kids can be rude and disrespectful many a time, sometimes without meaning or intending to do so. Kids resort to a spate of things, many of which can be extremely rude and disrespectful. Rolling their eyes, hanging up on you, telling ...
Tips To Deal With Disrespectful Kids
Is Circumcision Healthy For Babies
Is Circumcision Healthy For Babies?
Most of the time, we look at circumcision as a religious ritual than a medical process. However, circumcision of babies is a medical process that has little to do with tradition or religion. Many parents have this question; Is circumcision healthy ...
When Toddlers Start To Walk: Tips
When your little one starts to walk, you should encourage them in every way possible. When toddlers start to walk, parents should be beside them constantly to see they are safe. Parenting walking toddlers can be quite a challenge since it ...
When Toddlers Start To Walk Tips
Do Parenting Books Help To Become Better Parent
Do Parenting Books Help Parents Get Better?
A lot has changed since we were children ourselves. At one point of time, bringing up children was considered to be a ‘natural' task that every parent did by themselves. New parents usually took help from their own parents or used ...
9 Parenting Tips For Stay-At-Home Moms
Most working moms would say that stay-at-home mothers have it easy. They should actually try being a stay-at-home mom and see how frustrating it is. As a working mother, you do not have time. But as a stay-at-home mother, you have ...
Nine Parenting Tips For Stay At Home Moms
Best Ways To Introduce Baby To New Foods
Best Ways To Introduce Baby To New Foods
After you have introduced your baby to solid foods, you have to be very careful. Breastfed babies get all their nutrition from the mother's milk. However, it is not the same once you start giving your baby solid foods. You have ...
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