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Non Vegetarian Recipes

10 Best Recipes For Easter
Easter is the most cheerful time for Christians all over the world. After the 40 days period of lent, Easter is the time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Lent is the 40-day period of fasting that is observed by Christians ...
Recipes Easter Special Dishes
Bengali Fish Recipes For 2014 Pohela Boishakh
Bengali Fish Recipes For Pohela Boishakh 2014
Pohela Boishakh 2014 is on Tuesday (April 15) and celebrations are already in place. For those who do not know, Pohela Boishakh is the Bengali New Year and all Bengalis eat their favourite fish on this day. Usually, people of other ...
10 Exotic Recipes For Baisakhi
Baisakhi is the new year celebration time for the people of Punjab. The whole of the region looks beautiful and colourful as people make merry on this grand harvest festival. Baisakhi marks the beginning of the new year according to the ...
Exotic Recipes For Baisakhi
Lasooni Jhinga Grilled Garlic Prawns
Lasooni Jhinga: Grilled Garlic Prawns
Lasooni Jhinga is a dish you may have come across in menus of Indian restaurants. The thought of grilled garlic prawns would make any seafood lover salivate. But we would never dare to try such an exotic sounding dish at home ...
Kheema Mutti: Yummy Snack Recipe
We all have got used to picking up snacks from fast food joints or making quick fixes at home. How about enjoying something rich and decadent for a change? If you want an Indian mutton snacks that will satiate all your ...
Kheema Mutti Yummy Snacks Recipe
Egg Salami Sandwich For Quick Breakfast
Egg Salami Sandwich For Quick Breakfast
Breakfast in most homes is a hurried affair. The saying goes that one must have breakfast like a king but our busy schedules hardly permit us a sumptuous breakfast. Most working professionals and students just grab some food in the morning ...
Garlic Chicken Gravy: Recipe For Dieters
The combination of garlic and chicken is one of the continental wonders. Garlic is one of the flavours that go best with chicken. That is why garlic chicken recipes are of many types. Garlic chicken gravy recipe are especially very savoury. ...
Garlic Chicken Gravy Recipe For Dieters
Chettinad Non Vegetarian Recipes
Chettinad Style Non-Vegetarian Recipes
Chettinad dishes is one of the most popular cuisines in South India. Chettinad style recipes are a trademark of Tamil Nadu. Chettinad is a region of the Sivaganga district of southern Tamil Nadu. The place is not only famous for its ...
12 Mouthwatering Recipes For Your Holi Party!
The festive season of Holi is knocking at your door. Are you prepared for it? Holi calls for a merry making, teasing each other with colours and hogging on good food! Holi is a royal affair in India, especially in ...
Twelve Mouthwatering Recipes For Holi Party
Thirteen Zesty Recipes Using Mustard
13 Zesty Recipes Using Mustard
Mustard is a spice that has a psychosomatic response from us. Your tongue starts tingling and your eyes start watering when you anticipate the taste of mustard. Mustard is spice that can be used in many ways. That is why; the ...
Healthy Chicken Chaat Recipe
Usually, we do not consider chaats as healthy snacks. However, you can always make a dish healthy by using the right ingredients in it. That is why, this chicken chaat recipe, which we are discussing today, can actually be a low ...
Healthy Chicken Chaat Recipe
Ten Sumptuous Punjabi Recipes
10 Sumptuous Punjabi Recipes To Try
Punjabi delicacies are popular throughout the country. The Punjabis introduced us to the wonderful world of Tandoor, our very own Indian barbecue. Not only that they introduced us to the amazing taste of Rajma, Choley Bhature, tikkas, saag and so many ...
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