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Non Vegetarian Recipes

The Non Vegetarian Recipes tag page gives you all a list of different types of tasty and delicious Non veg recipes including both Indian and International cuisines. Sneak a peek.
Prawn Malai Curry: Spcl Bong Recipe
Everyone knows that Bengalis love their fish. But they have a special soft spot for prawns or 'chingri' as they call it. Prawns are every Bong's weakness. No wonder they have some really ingenious Bengali prawn recipes. Today, we will be ...
Prawn Malai Curry Special Bong Recipe
Easy Home Recipe For Chicken Chettinad
Easy Home Recipe For Chicken Chettinad
There is hardly anyone who has not heard of the Chicken Chettinad recipe. You might have ordered this popular dish at restaurants. But have you ever thought of making Chicken Chettinad at home? Most people perceive this special Tamil recipe to ...
Best Indian Recipes To Try On Independece Day
India is a land of diversities. The diversity comes in the form of language, culture and most importantly, food. The best of Indian dishes differ in taste, texture and cooking style from north to south and east to west. That is ...
Best Indian Recipes To Try On Independence Day
Twenty Spicy Indian Recipes For Monsoon
20 Spicy Indian Recipes For Monsoons
There is a famous joke about Indians and their food habits. Westerners often joke that Indians eat even chocolates with red chilli flakes as the topping!Love of spicy food is in our genes. That is why; spicy Indian recipes are often ...
10 Hyderabadi Recipes Which Are A Must Try For Eid
The royal cuisine of Hyderabad is famous for its variety of kebabs, haleem and biryani. Kebabs are usually associated with the advent of the Mughals in India. They brought the ingredients like the nuts, dried fruits and fragrances of rose and ...
Ten Hyderabadi Recipes For Eid
Fifteen Delectable Ramzan Recipes From Lucknow
15 Delectable Ramzan Recipes From Lucknow
Ramzan is a holy month of fasting for Muslims. But at the end of the fast comes the delectable food during Iftar. India has a varied and mixed social culture that reflects in or food. Lucknow for example is city of ...
Chicken Mushroom Soup For Monsoons
The light Monsoon showers have started disrupting our schedule. Rain interrupts our way back from work and we end up with a runny nose. The best way to deal with this seasonal cold is to try some Monsoon soup recipes. Today, ...
Chicken Monsoon Soup For Monsoons
Thalassery Biriyani Recipe For Ramzan
Thalassery Biriyani Recipe For Ramzan
If you are not a real foodie, all biryanis will taste the same to you. After all, it is only meat cooked with rice. However, it takes a real biriyani lover to appreciate the subtle difference of taste in different types ...
Amritsari Murg Makhani Recipe Video
Amritsari murg makhani is one of the staple dishes we order when we go out to eat. You must have eaten this dish at several restaurants in town. However, did you ever imagine that you could try the amritsari murg ...
Amritsari Murg Makhani Recipe Video
Fried Chicken Recipe In Fifteen Minutes Video
Fried Chicken Recipe In 15 Minutes: Video
We all like fried chicken. However, did you ever make fried chicken in just 15 minutes? I guess not. But with our recipe of fried chicken video, you will be able to prepare this simple chicken snack in just a matter ...
13 Yummy Chicken Recipes For Breakfast
Some people are hardcore non-vegetarian and like to have chicken three times a day. There is no harm in being a chicken lover as long as you can have chicken in healthy ways. If you cannot imagine a meal without your ...
Yummy Chicken Recipes For Breakfast
Murg Kali Mirch Indian Pepper Chicken
Murg Kali Mirch: Indian Pepper Chicken
When we say 'Pepper Chicken', most people are tempted to think that the recipe is a westernised one. However, Murg Kali Mirch has a lovely desi twang to it. That is why we are calling this recipe the Murg Kali Mirch ...
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