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Non Vegetarian Recipes

The Non Vegetarian Recipes tag page gives you all a list of different types of tasty and delicious Non veg recipes including both Indian and International cuisines. Sneak a peek.
Yummy Chicken Curry With Coconut Milk Recipe
Chicken is one of the foods which is highest in protein. If you are on a weight loss, then you should add this lean meat to your diet. Chicken has a lot of other benefits too, although it induces heat in ...
Yummy Chicken Curry With Coconut Milk Recipe
Yummlicious Chicken And Aloo Curry Recipe
Yummilicious Chicken & Aloo Curry Recipe
Chicken is a much loved non-vegetarian dish by many. For those who want to spice it up this afternoon, here is a simple chicken and aloo curry recipe for you to prepare. Since it is lean meat, it's a big treat ...
Tasty Kashmiri Chicken Yakhni Recipe
In Kashmir, yakhni recipe is essentially made of yoghurt and mutton broth. Kashmiri chicken yakhni recipe is originally a Persian dish and came to India during the reign of Akbar. Yakhni can be a base for many dishes such as ...
Tasty Kashmiri Chicken Yakhni Recipe
Indian Style Spicy Tomato Fish Curry Recipe
Indian Style Spicy Tomato Fish Curry Recipe
Have you lately thought of having or preparing a really spicy fish curry with some tangy tomatoes. Get started to tickle your taste buds with our today's special yet easy fish curry recipe. Truly hot and very Indian, this tomato fish ...
Quick Indian White Chicken (Safed Murgh) Recipe
The very name of the recipe has it all! Safed Murgh, chicken in white gravy- a must try for all non vegetarian lovers. This chicken recipe is quick and easy - one you would love to grab for. This safed ...
Quick Indian White Chicken Safed Murgh Recipe
Delectable Low Fat Dahi Chicken Recipe
Delectable Low Fat Dahi Chicken Recipe
Chicken is one of the best lean meats to add to your diet. If you are under a strict weight loss program, then this recipe will be an added bonus. Chicken is healthy and rich in protein. This meat contains ...
Delectable Mutton Kadai Recipe
Winter is the best time to indulge in a spicy mutton curry. Since mutton generates a lot of heat in the body it is suitable for the winter when your body needs that. Mutton can be cooked in many ways. ...
Delectable Mutton Kadai Recipe
Easy Make Pepper Chicken Dry
Easy To Make Pepper Chicken Dry
Pepper chicken recipes are flooded everywhere. But here is something all chicken-lovers would love to try out. This is one of the easiest and tastiest dishes to make if you are craving for some spicy chicken. Wear your aprons to ...
Spicy Mutton Kalia Recipe: The Taste Of Awadh
There are plenty of mutton recipes in India. Be it Kashmiri recipes or Hyderabadi or the royal Awadhi, mutton can be prepared into some of the most succulent dishes with the apt culinary skills. So, today we have a royal Awadhi ...
Spicy Mutton Kalia Recipe
Kolambi Rassa Marathi Prawn Curry
Kolambi Rassa: Marathi Prawn Curry
Maharashtrian cuisine is not just about thalipeeth and puran poli. They do have a number of excellent seafood recipes in their cuisine. After all, Maharashtra has a very long coastline and fresh prawns are available in this part of India quite ...
Bengali Recipes To Try This Durga Puja
Bengalis love two things more than anything else; food and Durga Puja. And guess what, Durga Puja is also a time when you can eat unwarranted good food by throwing caution to the winds. The best Bengali recipes for Durga Puja ...
Bengali Recipes To Try This Durga Puja 047619 Pg1
Boneless Mutton Sukka Spicy Treat
Boneless Mutton Sukka: A Spicy Treat
Are you bored of the same old mutton curries and fries? We can give you a dish that will recharge your taste buds. We present to you the mutton sukka recipe that is a South Indian delicacy that every non-vegetarian will ...
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