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Nail Polish

The Meaning Of Your Nail Polish Colour
According to experts, it is said that the colour of one's nail polish tells you how that person is. So, if you are one of those women who love sexy reds, demure ballet pinks or perhaps a bold and daring black, ...
The Meaning Of Your Nail Polish Colour

Uses Olive Oil For Nail Care
Uses Of Olive Oil For Nail Care
Dry, brittle and yellow nails are really embarrassing. There are many ways to deal with nail problems like these. However, olive oil has shown effective results in nail care. Since many years, olive oil has been used for various beauty purposes. ...
Stiletto Nail Trends Worn By Celebrities
Planning to get a manicure done and have no idea what to sport this monsoon season. No worries, for we have the best nail art suggestion for you, the stiletto nail trend. Its what the celebrities are wearing as the best ...
Stiletto Nail Trends Worn Celebrities
Nail Polish Colours Fair Women
Nail Polish Colours For Fair Women
Most of the women blindly pick up nail colours they love, but do not consider how it will look on them. Certain shades look better on various skin tones, so women must consider this tip before picking up a nail polish. ...
Tips To Make Manicure Last Longer
Getting a manicure is an easy way to treat your nails. Your nails looks clean, shiny and maintained. However, the manicure doesn't last for long. We use our hands for almost everything, and this spoils your manicure. Within a few days ...
Make Manicure Last Longer
Nail Colour Trends For Summer
Nail Colour Trends For Summer
We love to paint our nails and make them shine with different and bright colours. While few women love to wear bright nail colours, there are many who loves to keep it simple with light shades. Nail polish colours keep changing ...
Remove Nail Polish Without Using Acetone
Red, pink, or black whatever your dress colour is, there is one thing in your makeup kit that you never forget to match with your dress; nail polish. Nail paint enhances the beauty of hands and is every girl's favourite beauty ...
Tricks Remove Nail Polish
Nail Colour 2012 Fall Trends
Nail Colour Trends For Fall 2012
Fashion trends and style changes with the season. As the season is changing, its time for you to look into your wardrobe and re-work on it. New designs, colours and patterns will replace old ones. When it comes to makeup also, ...
Dark Nail Polish Can Last Longer Now!
Beautiful nails can make your fingers look more attractive. And to make them even more attractive you can apply different coloured nail polish. This trend has been going on since decades and women have gradually become used to painting their nails. ...
Dark Nail Polish
Apply Nail Art Tips
How To Apply This Nail Art?
If you love to keep your nails painted all the time, then nail art must be something that you would always love to experiment with. Also, the season is supportive for trying vibrant colours. If you want to get this nail ...
Trendy Nail Colours For Summer 2012!
Summer is the season of vibrant and bright colours. Your summer fashion is not limited to dresses, slippers and accessories. It is time to flaunt your colourful nails. Every fashion show is not just showing their new collection but also highlighting ...
Summer Nail Colour Trends 2012
Get White Nail Tips Naturally
Get White Nail Tips Naturally!
Every woman likes to flaunt her long well shaped nails. When you have not applied nail polish, you wish to make the nails look white naturally. It is not possible to do manicure regularly and the desire to have white nail ...
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