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How Is Number 13 Lucky?
It's Friday, the 13th today. The most dreaded day and number. Around the world there are umpteen stories, myths and superstitions are prevalent surrounding the number 13. It is considered to be extremely unlucky in most of the cultures. But ...
How Is Number 13 Lucky

Myths About Psychiatry That Will Psych You
5 Myths About Modern Psychiatry That Will Psych You
Psychiatry is an advanced form of medicine that deals primarily with the study, diagnosis and treatment of conditions pertaining to the human brain. Over the years, psychiatry has seen phenomenal advancement (although questionable) in understanding the human brain and caus...
Superstitions About Cats From Around The World
Cats have always been associated with bad omens and bad luck. Perhaps no other animal is as feared and revered so much at the same time. Some cultures have worshipped cats like Gods while others have seen them as demons and ...
Superstitions About Cats From Around The World
Common Pregnancy Myths In India
Common Pregnancy Myths In India
In India, there are a number of women who follow a list of myths when they are pregnant. It is said that half of these myths are commonly followed by women who are carrying their first child. Out of concern for ...
Top 5 Myths About Aquariums
Do you have an aquarium with little colourful fishes swimming? If not, get one now and feel the difference. Having an aquarium in your home will make your living place more lively and cheerful. No matter what size it is and ...
Top Five Myths About Aquariums
Do You Know Cupid God Of Love
Do You Know Cupid - The God Of Love?
Valentine's day is around the corner and one of the symbols of this great day of love is the Greek God of love, Cupid. One of the most famous symbols, he is the little boy who is armed with a bow ...
Top 5 Indian Myths
Born in India, nobody can escape the priceless words of their granny. Born into a world that holds customs and traditions above all, you must have heard it sometime or the other, what would make your life miserable. How somethings are ...
Top Five Indian Myths And Beliefs
Facts And Myths About Homosexuality
Facts And Myths About Homosexuality
There are some strange facts and myths about homosexuality which might stun you completely. If you are a lesbian or a gay and in a serious relationship, we advice you to be brave and confront this trivial time when the whole ...
12 Religious Symbols And Their Meanings
Religious symbols and their meanings are sometimes lost on us. Very often, we see a holy symbol and don't really know what it means. In other cases, some common religious symbols become so popular that their actual meaning is lost in ...
Twelve Religious Symbols Their Meanings
Secret Of Moles On Your Body
The Secret Of Moles On Your Body
Could that mole on your foot really take you places? What does your beauty spot on the cheek signify? If you want answers for these questions, then read on and decode the secret of the moles on your body. Moles ...
Bermuda Triangle Survivor!
The legend of the Bermuda Triangle started some time around 1945, when a squadron of five Navy Avenger airplanes disappeared on a training flight out of Fort Lauderdale. Soon, masses were in wonder if there was something strange at the ...
Bermuda Triangle Survivor
Effectts Of Badly Placed Saturn
Effects Of A Badly Placed Saturn
Saturn is a planet that holds great influence on your life. It is one of those planets that are very temperamental. A badly placed Saturn can ruin your happiness. Whereas a well placed Saturn can give you immense riches. If you ...
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