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5 Tips On choosing The Right Instrument To play
Who doesn't love music? Music is perhaps one of the few best things that mankind has encountered. Right from invigorating the soul and spirit to uplifting one's state of life, music has, from the time it first came into existence, been ...
Tips On Choosing The Right Instrument To Play

Lady Gaga Strips For New Video Guy
Lady Gaga Strips For New Video
What is with these celebrities stripping for the camera? After Miley Cyrus taking on the rampage of going crazy on stage, Lady Gaga follows suit. The latter goes completely bare again for her latest music video leaving behind shocked fans. This ...
Insanely Famous Songs About Drugs
They say that drugs, sex and rock n roll have always gone hand in hand. That is probably why we have some of the best songs about drugs as part of mainstream music. Music and drugs or rather musicians and drugs ...
Insanely Famous Songs About Drugs
World Music Day Special
World Music Day Special: Quotes From Readers
Longfellow quite rightly said, "Music is the universal language of mankind". Music is a language which everyone understands irrespective of the individual differences. It's 21st June and we are celebrating World Music Day today. Have you ever wondered why world music ...
Musicians Who Changed World We Live In
If we actually get down to looking at all the musicians who changed the world, the list will never end. This is because every musician has changed the world in his or her own way. An artist always comes with a ...
Musician Who Changed The World We Live In
Cult Of Music In Hinduism
The Cult Of Music In Hinduism
Only when you enter a bhajan function or kirtan gathering you realise how important music is in Hinduism. As they say, Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life. And music is a natural expression of life. That is ...
Celebs Who Have Won Most Grammys
Grammys is the most prestigious award for musicians around the world. Grammys is the night on which the music made throughout the year is honoured, Last year; Adele gained the title of the singer to win the most number of awards ...
Celebrities Who Won Most Grammys
Shivali Bhajan Project
A Word With Shivali, The Bhajan Diva
A pop diva who sings bhajans, now that is a rarity! Shivali is a singer from London whose music is not very easy to come by. Shivali has made a name for herself by singing traditional Indian bhajans with her ...
Meet The Phantoms Of Disco: Tiger & Woods
None of us had ever seen Tiger and Woods before; they are called the Phantoms of Disco. We did not know much about their kind of music either. But it changed after they warmed up at the Heineken Green Room 2 ...
Tiger And Woods Heineken Green Room
Kingfisher Sunday Soul Sante
Kingfisher Sunday Soul Sante
Bangalore once again witnessed one of its most sought after events where art met fashion and music graced along with culture. Kingfisher Premium Sunday Soul Sante in its 9th edition was the perfect weekend getaway from a banal life to a ...
DJ Swapnil Wins Kingfisher Mirchimix
On October'12, Bangalore hosted the city finale of Kingfisher Strong ‘Mirchimix', one of India's biggest hunts for aspiring DJs. The call for entry phase received tremendous response. Bangalore is one of the ten cities in which such city finals will be ...
Kingfisher Mirchimix Dj Swapnil
Music Alcohol Drinking
Music That Makes You Love Alcohol!
Gone are the days when catching a few drinks with friends was a peaceful affair. Have you ever noticed what happens as the night gets deeper and the crowd starts pooling inside the club? The obvious answer is that the lights ...
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