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Microwave Recipes

Easy Chicken Rice Microwave Recipe
These days a lot of people prefer cooking in the microwave. Suddenly, the microwave recipes are on the hit list of food lovers. So most of the working people prefer cooking simple dishes in the microwave to save time. Moreover, ...
Chicken Rice Microwave Recipe

Vegetable Cutlet Microwave Recipe
Vegetable Cutlet: Microwave Recipe
When you are running out of time in the morning, you tend to pick up easy to prepare recipes. Getting up late early mornings is something very commonly seen in almost every household. However, playing smart is the only way to ...
Spinach Or Palak Pulao Recipe
Spinach is considered as a superfood that has many health and nutritional benefits. Spinach has dietary fiber that aids digestion. Apart from being good digestive vegetable, it is also low in calories which makes it heart-friendly. Spinach also has anti-oxidants especially...
Spinach Or Palak Pulao Recipe
Jeera Rice Microwave Recipe
Jeera Rice: Easy Microwave Recipe
Making jeera rice is not rocket science and we all know that. But we can tell you how to make jeera rice faster and better using a microwave recipe. Most of us are too tired by the end of the day ...
Easy Indian Recipes For Women's Day
Indian women are not just homemakers any more. They are now super-women. This is because they manage both work and family with equal efficiency. So, such bright working women deserve more than plain Women's Day wishes. That is why Boldsky brings ...
Easy Indian Recipes Womens Day
Baked Potatoes Microwave Recipe
Baked Potatoes: Microwave Recipe
Microwave recipes are very popular among working professionals. These recipes are very easy to make and tastes yummy too. You can make many recipes in the microwave so do not restrict to desserts and cheesy snacks. Baking is one of ...
Chicken Tikka Masala: Microwave Recipe
Chicken tikka masala is actually an improvisation from the kebabs called chicken tikkas. As they were too dry to eat with rice or roti, a gravy that goes best with them became the popular chicken tikka masala recipe. So the story ...
Chicken Tikka Masala Microwave Recipe
Tandoori Chicken Microwave Recipe
Tandoori Chicken: Microwave Recipe
Tandoori chicken is a famous dish from the northern part of India. The procedure of making this spicy chicken recipe is retained in its name; tandoor is earthen oven in which the meat is roasted directly on coal fire that gives ...
Green Chilli Chicken : Microwave Recipe
Green chilli chicken is a spy chicken recipe that will make you salivate; due to its sharp taste and strong spicy flavour. This Indian microwave recipe is actually quite healthy because it makes use only of fresh green chillies as opposed ...
Green Chilli Chicken Microwave Recipe
Palak Chicken Microwave Recipe
Palak Chicken: Healthy Microwave Recipe
Palak chicken or murg saagwala is a great chicken spinach recipe because it gives you the opportunity to have the nutrient value of proteins from chicken and the goodness of green leafy vegetables together. This is an Indian microwave recipe for ...
Vrat Ke Chawal: Microwave Recipe For Navratri
Vrat ke chawal is a special Navratri fast recipe cooked with Samvat rice. This is a kind of rice you are allowed to eat during fasts. Fortunately for you, this is also an Indian microwave recipe. So you do not have ...
Vrat Ke Chawal Navratri Microwave Recipe
Cornflakes Crunchies Microwave Recipe
Cornflakes Crunchies: Chocolate Dessert For Kids
Cornflakes crunchies are a cornflakes recipe yours kids will get hooked on to. We always insist that our kids eat healthy nutritious food and they want something that is 'fun'. This Indian microwave recipe combines both health and the element of ...
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