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Men And Women

13 Reasons You Should Marry A Bong Guy
Bengalis or ‘Bongs' are a curious community of people. They are fun loving, intense, politically motivated and humorous too. All communities and cultures have their good and bad points. It is the same for Bengalis. But it is a universally acceptable ...
Thirteen Reasons You Should Marry Bong Guy
Things Men Like In Women More Than Looks
Things Men Like In Women More Than Looks
Most women have a massive misconception about men. They think that what men want in women is just one thing and that is good looks. But actually, there are aspects of a woman that men value more than her looks. We ...
What Happens In A Bachelor Party?
It is said that details of a bachelor party must not be disclosed to anyone except friends. If you remember the movie, 'The Hangover', you can get what we are trying to explain. A lot of times, the groom-to-be gets carried ...
What Happens Bachelor Party
Funny Questions To Ask Girls
Funny Questions To Ask A Girl
Meeting somebody and striking up a conversation is an art that not all of us possess. This may not necessarily involve a conversation with strangers. The difficulty can increase when it comes to different groups of people. In fact some of ...
20 Qualities Of An Ideal Husband
Once a man asked God for the qualities of an ideal husband. The story goes that God is still trying to figure out how to answer that! No two women can be on the same page when it comes to qualities ...
Twenty Qualities Of Ideal Husband
Signs You Are Too Greedy
Signs You Are too Greedy
Being greedy is not wanting something, but it is going too far to get something. Greed can be the desire to achieve anything from money, fame, love, sex and so on. The desire becomes so strong that you forget all your ...
How Men Can Handle A Breakup
Men are often labeled as philanderers by society. Most women tend to believe that men don’t feel anything. They are emotionless! Well, that’s not true! Emotion is a basic human instinct and no gender is spared of it, not even men. ...
How Men Can Handle A Breakup
 Qualities Men Wish Their Wife Had
8 Qualities Men Wish Their Wives Had
Maintaining a perfect relationship is not as easy as starting it. It needs a combination of many qualities in both men and women. A man wishes for certain qualities in his woman when he starts thinking about having a life partner. ...
Weird Changes In Men Post Marriage
Some men are not able to deal with the changes that marriage brings along. So are you missing the freedom you enjoyed in your bachelor days? Well, you are not alone! Many men go through this phase. But you have to ...
Weird Changes In Married Men
Common Problems Indian Men
Common Problems Of Indian Men
Not only women, but men also have their own set of problems. It is not that all men are male chauvinist pig or against gender equality, but there are millions of men who suffer from a set of problems on a ...
Five Women Who Inspire Us
Women are a sweet mystery. They teach us care, they show the meaning of love and they inspire. There have been many women who have inspired us throughout the last generations. There are women who inspire us in every sphere of ...
Five Women Who Inspire Us
How To Become A Husband Like Christian Grey
How To Become A Husband Like Christian Grey?
Fifty Shades of Grey has been one of the most talked about books among women. Well it should be as the series has some S&M, bondage and other kinky stuffs which has been devoured by almost all female readers. The book ...
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