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Men And Women

Why Women Like Geeky Guys?
Wondering who exactly is a geeky guy? Well, what Spiderman was before he became Spiderman is a perfect example of a geek. But then it is that type of nerds who seem to be scoring all the chics these days. Why ...
Why Women Like Geeky Guys

Ten Deal Breakers For Guys In Relationships
10 Deal Breakers For Guys In Relationships
Guys are often not very clear about what they want or do not want from their girlfriends. However, there are always some basic ground rules in a relationship. These are deal breakers for guys in a relationship. If a girl displays ...
6 Questions Unmarried Women Hate
The choice of getting married should be left to the individual. There can be various reasons someone would not choose to have a life partner or share their life with someone. A few of the reasons are medical issues, career goals, ...
Six Questions Unmarried Women Hate
Why Men Smoke More Than Women
Why Men Smoke More Than Women?
It is a commonly known fact that men smoke more than women. However, it is tough to tell why this discrepancy exists. Ever since the concept of smoking tobacco exists, men usually smoke more than women. If you really want to ...
15 Things Women Say When Angry
Each relationship comes with issues and problems. If the issues are dealt with correctly, the relationship will flourish, otherwise it may implode. The things women do when angry or the things men do in confrontation can make a tremendous difference.While some ...
Fifteen Things Women Say When Angry
Eight Reasons Why Men Pull Away From Relationships
8 Reasons Why Men Pull Away From Relationships
You meet someone special and you both seem to have strong chemistry brewing. You start off with a series of dates and then one day, he is just gone. You try to reach his phone, call at his place but he ...
10 Reasons Men Still Get Married
Married men are the butt of all jokes these days. Whenever a couple of guys get together, they talk about how much happier they were before they got married. Every time a guy proposes to his girlfriend, his friends treat it ...
Ten Reasons Men Still Get Married
Reasons Married Men Leave Their Wives
Reasons Married Men Leave Their Wives
You hear of marriages breaking up quite suddenly these days. You look at a couple and think that they are happy but then you hear that they are suddenly heading for divorce. When you dig a little further, you get to ...
Why Do Men Hate Shopping?
Have you ever wondered why men hate shopping so much? How can someone hate shopping so utterly? Isn't shopping about buying new things for yourself? How could someone hate to get new things for themselves? The whole idea seems completely inane. ...
Why Do Men Hate Shopping
Why Men Marry Women Like Their Moms
Why Men Marry Women Like Their Moms?
Did you ever feel that you have a striking resemblance to your future mother-in-law? Has your boyfriend ever said stuff like, 'You cook just like my mother?'. These are eerie signs that men end up marrying their mom in the form ...
Pros & Cons Of Dating A Rich Man
Every girl grows up with this bizarre dream that one day her 'prince charming' will come and sweep her off her feet in a dashing white horse. As centuries past by, the white horse has now turned into a black limousine. ...
Pros Cons Of Dating Rich Man
Revealed Why Women Like Older Men
Revealed: Why Women Like Older Men?
There is an old saying, 'life begins at forty!'. In case of men, this statement is literally true. Men after 40 have all the luck in the world. They are at the top of their game in their career and suddenly ...
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