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Marriage And Life

Is It Late To Call Off The Wedding?
Once the wedding day comes close, an eerie feeling clouds over your days. We question ourselves again and again, if this is right for me. Once you tell your family and set up a date for the wedding, the feeling of ...
Call Off Wedding

Married Life Lesson
10 Lessons That Married Life Teaches You
Everyone will tell you that married life is not a bed of roses. Instead of getting ticked off by this statement, you could actually make hay while the sunshine lasts. This is because marriage is probably the best teacher ...
Does Acting Drunk Help?
There are many twists and turn in a relationship. Many a times situation so arises that you both are in a good mood and then suddenly start fighting. This is common between many couples. And trust me the time you are ...
Get Drunk Good
Build Trust Marriage
Kinds Of Trust You Need In A Marriage
The most important component of any relationship is trust. There are many kinds of trust needed for a marriage to be successful. Any other wordly thing can be brought back once it is gone, but trust can never be reconstructed. In ...
Do Women Forgive Infidelity?
There are many cases in the life of a married couple when one of the partners is caught cheating on the other. This can be considered as one of the most grave marriage issues to deal with. Couples fight over many ...
Infidelity Marriage Problems
Regret Getting Married
Wedding Ring Or Suffering?
Life is but a labyrinth once you get married. You do not know where to go and what to start from. There are many people who will give widely different views on getting married. Some regret marriage, while others are of ...
How To Deal With Financial Problems
There are many things that might be a cause of a negative turn on your relationship. The primary one among them being financial problems. It is a huge set back on the way you live your life. So, why not plan ...
Deal Home Expenses
Happy Marriage Tips
A Happy Marriage: Conditions Applied
Leading a happy and fun filled life is a dream for all. But nothing comes free in this world. You need to make certain compromises to make a happy marriage. There are certain prerequisite terms, conditions and expectations laid down all. ...
Why Need Acting Skills After Marriage?
Marriage is such an event that completely changes the course of a man or woman's life. Life can obviously not be a bed of roses all the time. After marriage you will find the happiness and bliss of staying with your ...
After Marriage Problems
Couple Money Marriage
A Couple Must Be Money Mates
It is believed that to be good for a couple to have differences of nature and opinions. It may be true that being totally compatible in every aspect of life makes the marriage a bit dull. Differences on the other hand ...
When In Laws Are Not Supportive
In a marriage ceremony both the bride and the groom promise that they shall be the most important persons in each other's lives. But is that really so? Many times a marital relation gets strained not because of the couple but ...
In Laws Not Supportive
Fear Marriage A Social Trap
Should You Fear Marriage?
As soon as you break the news of your marriage to your already married friends, the first thing that you hear is "Oh my God! You are getting married." A very popular notion says that "Men fear marriage". But, this is ...
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