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The feeling of love is amazing and when it comes to saying ,’I Do’ a new life ahead of you awaits. A marriage binds the relationship of a husband and wife in a blessed manner and in order to have a happy marriage, both the partners should have a strong commitment. Marriage Problems do come along, but here we tell you how to face it together having a strong attitude.
10 Reasons Why Arranged Marriages Could Fail In India
Arranged marriage is a widespread practice in India and although the society is becoming modern in many a way, the practice of arranged marriage does not seem to invite any respite. In fact, it has only become more prevalent with several ...
Reasons Why Arranged Marriages Could Sometimes Fail In India
Things Every Couple Should Discuss Before Marriage
15 Things Couples Should Not Neglect Before Marriage
Preparations for your wedding is a herculean task in itself and requires numerous factors that need to introspected clearly. Many people, owing to the excitement that surrounds the run up to the wedding ceremony, ignore the important things. Neglecting certain aspects ...
Secrets About Marriage Every Indian Couple Should Know
The word MARRIAGE ! Well, it sends out mixed signals, doesn't it? While the prosecutes for those who aren't married may seem joyous, for others, it sends shrills across their spines. As such, there are many things one needs to understand ...
Secrets About Indian Marriages
Why Some Couples Avoid The Suhaag Raat
Reasons Why Some Avoid Getting Intimate On First Night
Wedding night or suhaag raat is the most awaited event for a couple. However, contrary to popular belief, some couples refrain from getting intimate on this special day. It is shocking, yet true. There are various reasons why some couples avoid ...
7 Wedding Planning Mistakes That Must Be Avoided
If you are already in a relationship, inarguably, the most important phase is your wedding. Weddings require extensive planning and consideration of various aspects with respect to the lives of both you and your partner. As far as planning for a ...
Wedding Planning Mistakes You Must Avoid
Bitter Things That Lead To Divorce
Bitter Things That Lead To Divorce
Marriage is a beautiful bond between two who are one in body and soul. But, when things get ugly in a marriage it leads to a painful divorce. Today, there are a lot of things that lead to a divorce and ...
7 Relationship Problems Of A Late Marriage
People get married at different ages as a matter of choice. As such, there doesn't accurately exist the ideal age for marriage although people do feel that anytime between the ages 25 and 30 is the best age to get married- ...
Problems Of A Late Marriage
How Is Flirting Good For A Marriage
Is Flirting Good For Your Marriage?
What does the word flirting bring to mind? Let us try to understand what flirting is and then see flirting in marriage. As per the Oxford dictionary, flirting is defined as “behave as though sexually attracted to someone, but playfully rather ...
Lies Every Man Tells His Wife
There are times when men lie pretty easily, and these lies happen to be quite harmless. These are lies men tell wives to get out of a difficult situation.Why do men lie? They lie so that they can keep up with ...
Lies Every Man Tells His Wife 048914
Reasons You Should Get Married Early
Reasons Why You Should Get Married Early
In any relationship, marriage is the ultimate pha. Whatever said and done, the day of marriage is something you have always waited for; a day that brings immeasurable joy and happiness. As far as preparing for marriage is concerned, there are ...
20 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Get Married!
Some people die to get married and some resent the idea of getting tied down to one person for the rest of their life. If you decide not to tie the knot around your neck, then here are some of the ...
Twenty Reasons Why You Shouldnt Get Married
Eight Things To Let Go Of Before Marriage
8 Things To Let Go Of Before Marriage
Before you tie the knot, there are some things you should let go of. Couples, at times, fail to realise this and thus, their relationship ends up in a disaster. When you are at loggerheads with your partner, it becomes a ...
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