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The feeling of love is amazing and when it comes to saying ,’I Do’ a new life ahead of you awaits. A marriage binds the relationship of a husband and wife in a blessed manner and in order to have a happy marriage, both the partners should have a strong commitment. Marriage Problems do come along, but here we tell you how to face it together having a strong attitude.
10 Things Indian Women Want From Husbands
In India, women crave for a lot of attention from the man they marry. When you shower your wife with love and care, she will automatically treat you better! But, there are certain things every Indian woman wants from her ...
Ten Things Indian Women Want From Husbands
Secrets Of A Happy Relationship
10 Secrets of A Happy Relationship
Relationships aren't always easy. With ever changing demands and expectations of the current era, a lasting relationship is a rare occurrence indeed. Although such is the case, there are many cases where relationships last for longer than you can imagine. Coming ...
10 Things To Do Instead Of Getting Married
Instead of getting married and living a life of hell, there are many things you can do to live this life to your satisfaction. When you tie the knot, there are a lot of things that can tie you down. This ...
Ten Things To Do Instead Of Getting Married
Reasons You Shouldnt Marry An Indian
Reasons You Shouldn't Marry An Indian
There will be a lot of people who will disagree with the fact that Indians make the best partners for marriage. When you decide to marry an Indian, you should be prepared to give up certain things in life that make ...
6 Desires Of A Married Woman
Every woman desires to be something great in life. No, we don't mean that men don't have goals and desires. It is just that when women are married they are refrained from doing the things they like when single. Married women ...
Six Desires Of A Married Woman
Advantages Of Getting Married Early
Advantages Of Getting Married Early
Getting married early comes with its share of advantages. Early marriages, which were at a time rare, have started becoming common now. Starting your life early with that one person can be quite a challenge for a lot of young ...
'Secrets' Indian Wives Love To Keep
Who said that wives and husbands don't keep secrets from each other? More than children, it is the couples who believe in those white lies. There are certain secrets Indian wives love not to share with their husbands. The idea of ...
Secrets Indian Wives Love To Keep
Twelve Reasons Why Indian Marriages Are Successful
12 Reasons Why Indian Marriages Are Successful
Do you know why Indian marriages are so successful? In India, the divorce rates are not that high when compared to abroad. Indians believe in the sanctity of marriage, the saat phera (seven vows) and the idea of being one for ...
Ways On How Indian Brides & Grooms Are Selected
There comes a time when every Indian woman feels the need to get married. However, it is never easy to get married in India if you hail from a family that is conservative. Indian brides are mostly classified as dull or ...
Ways On How Indian Brides And Grooms Are Selected
Why White Women Marry Indian Men
Why White Women Marry Indian Men?
Today, we see a lot of inter-caste marriages. But, more than the inter-caste marriage, marrying women from abroad has become a craze now. There are several Indian men who migrate abroad only to fall in love with beautiful white women. ...
8 Essential Relationship Tips For Newly Married Couples
Are you newly married? Are you aware of the most fundamental relationship tips for newly married couples? Well, Relationships before marriage are a common phenomenon these days with many people either ending up marrying their partners. Although you've been in a ...
Essential Marriage Tips For Newly Wed Couples
Change The Way You Sleep For Your Marriage
Sleeping Positions & Its Effects On Marriage
Experts say that when you change the way you sleep with your partner, it will affect your marriage. Sleeping together is important because at the end of the day, you long to get a good night's rest and nothing can beat ...
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