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The feeling of love is amazing and when it comes to saying ,’I Do’ a new life ahead of you awaits. A marriage binds the relationship of a husband and wife in a blessed manner and in order to have a happy marriage, both the partners should have a strong commitment. Marriage Problems do come along, but here we tell you how to face it together having a strong attitude.
8 Essential Relationship Tips For Newly Married Couples
Are you newly married? Are you aware of the most fundamental relationship tips for newly married couples? Well, Relationships before marriage are a common phenomenon these days with many people either ending up marrying their partners. Although you've been in a ...
Essential Marriage Tips For Newly Wed Couples
Change The Way You Sleep For Your Marriage
Sleeping Positions & Its Effects On Marriage
Experts say that when you change the way you sleep with your partner, it will affect your marriage. Sleeping together is important because at the end of the day, you long to get a good night's rest and nothing can beat ...
What A Woman Wants 'Exactly' From A Marriage?
What a woman wants from a marriage is a big question. This is because women themselves are confused what they want from marriage. Some women want emotional and financial stability, companionship, while others look for love and care. THINGS MEN ARE ...
What A Woman Wants Exactly From A Marriage 20140704132400 041497
Impressing Your Indian Mother In Law
Impressing An Indian Mother-In-Law: Tips
Getting married is one hell of a task as you not only marry the boy, but you marry the entire family. At the time of marriage, it all seems so perfect, a fairytale where all your dreams come true. But, once ...
15 Things Indian Men Want In A Wife
When an Indian man is looking for a bride, there are certain desires he wishes to have in his wife. Someone who has the curves is one of the things an Indian man wants in his wife. According to a ...
Fifiteen Things Indian Men Want In A Wife
Twelve Things Every Bride Should Know And Do Before Wedding
12 Things Every Bride Should Know & Do
If you are getting married soon, you would be excited about your big day. Marriage is something that every girl dreams about at some point in her life. When it comes to marriage, there are a lot of things you should ...
Things You Say That Hurt Your Husband
Women are known for their chattering boxes and when you have a wife as such, the non-stop blabbering can get any man irritated. There are some men though who are mouth less when it comes to wives like these. They tend ...
Things You Say That Can Hurt Your Husband
How Should A Married Man Behave
How A Married Man Should Treat His Wife
Marriage is a lifelong commitment. It takes immense amount of effort from both the husband and wife to live a happily married life. Women are very fragile and needed to be treated with utmost care and affection. Marriage tips for men ...
Pros & Cons Of Marital Separation
Is your marriage on the rocks? Do you feel that you need to get separated now? It is a normal thing that every marriage experiences. Marriage is a turbulent affair that tends to have its own share of ups and downs. ...
Pros And Cons Of Marital Separation
Twelve Signs You Are Not Ready For Marriage
12 Signs You Are Not Ready For Marriage
In the Indian society, if you are unmarried and happen to attend a wedding, one of the things which people ask you is - when is your turn? This question can get quite annoying for those who are just not ready ...
20 Things To Do Before You Get Married
Getting hitched is the most beautiful part in everybody’s life. It is about two people taking their vows to spend the rest of their lives together, be it happiness or unhappiness. Before plunging into this institution called marriage, there are various ...
Twenty Things To Do Before You Get Married
Twelve Ways How Marriage Changes Your Life
12 Ways How Marriage Changes Your Life
Yes, yes, yes, marriage changes you in ways you wouldn't even expect. It just happens over night and the feeling of this change makes one feel heavy and weary. But, one other hand, there are some women who welcome this change ...
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