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The feeling of love is amazing and when it comes to saying ,’I Do’ a new life ahead of you awaits. A marriage binds the relationship of a husband and wife in a blessed manner and in order to have a happy marriage, both the partners should have a strong commitment. Marriage Problems do come along, but here we tell you how to face it together having a strong attitude.
Lies Every Man Tells His Wife
There are times when men lie pretty easily, and these lies happen to be quite harmless. These are lies men tell wives to get out of a difficult situation.Why do men lie? They lie so that they can keep up with ...
Lies Every Man Tells His Wife 048914
Reasons You Should Get Married Early
Reasons Why You Should Get Married Early
In any relationship, marriage is the ultimate pha. Whatever said and done, the day of marriage is something you have always waited for; a day that brings immeasurable joy and happiness. As far as preparing for marriage is concerned, there are ...
20 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Get Married!
Some people die to get married and some resent the idea of getting tied down to one person for the rest of their life. If you decide not to tie the knot around your neck, then here are some of the ...
Twenty Reasons Why You Shouldnt Get Married
Eight Things To Let Go Of Before Marriage
8 Things To Let Go Of Before Marriage
Before you tie the knot, there are some things you should let go of. Couples, at times, fail to realise this and thus, their relationship ends up in a disaster. When you are at loggerheads with your partner, it becomes a ...
8 Things Every Man Must Do Before Getting Married
Marriage is a scary prospect, especially considering the after-effects. For men specially, marriage is just the beginning of a long and arduous journey of exploration, excitement and realization. In this article, we take a look at a few things every man ...
Things Men Should Do Before Getting Married
Ten Ways To Save Your Marriage
10 Ways To Save Your Marriage
Do you think you can save your marriage? Well, it is possible if you make the efforts! With the amount of distractions these days, there are high chances of a marriage ending in a failure. Here are some simple things you ...
7 Types Of Men Women Should Never Marry
In your search to find the idea man, you will certainly come across men with varied characteristics. It can be stated that some of these characteristics you encounter will unfailingly take you by surprise. Soon will you realize that some of ...
Types Of Men Women Shouldnt Marry
Why Indians Love Arranged Marriages
Why Indians Love Arranged Marriages?
Did you know that 90 percent of Indians believe in arranged marriages? One of the reasons is that it is way easier than falling in love and getting married. Though, there are many who think that love marriage is better as ...
Things That Define An Indian Marriage
A lot of strange things define an Indian marriage. For instance, skin colour is of utter importance when choosing a bride. Second, a high bank balance or a high paying job is a must for the boy to look after the ...
Things That Define An Indian Marriage
Ways To Impress Your In Laws
8 Ways To Build A Relationship With Your In-Laws
When it comes to in-laws, one thing is certain -- it is very easy for the relationship to get strained. Most people get married without giving heightened thought to the conduct of in-laws and their behaviour in general. In most cases, ...
10 Things Indian Women Want From Husbands
In India, women crave for a lot of attention from the man they marry. When you shower your wife with love and care, she will automatically treat you better! But, there are certain things every Indian woman wants from her ...
Ten Things Indian Women Want From Husbands
Secrets Of A Happy Relationship
10 Secrets of A Happy Relationship
Relationships aren't always easy. With ever changing demands and expectations of the current era, a lasting relationship is a rare occurrence indeed. Although such is the case, there are many cases where relationships last for longer than you can imagine. Coming ...
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