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Makeup Tips

Essential Tips To Pull Off Dark Lipstick
Beauty is inherent in every face. When paired up with grace it brings about a striking combination that cannot be missed by any eye. Appropriate make-up goes a step further and completes the picture. I use the word appropriate here because ...
Essential Tips To Pull Off Dark Lipstick

Ten Dramatic Eye Makeup Ideas
Dramatic Eye Makeup Ideas
If you want to look beautiful, you can experiment with makeup for the eyes. Dramatic eye makeup ideas will help you look attractive. Eyes are the part of your face where you can experiment with the makeup as much as you ...
8 Simple Makeup Tips For Pregnant Women
During pregnancy, a woman goes through a lot of physical changes. The most delicate part of her body that tends to get affected is the skin. Though there is a pregnancy glow on the skin, pregnancy can make the skin look ...
 Simple Makeup Tips For Pregnant Women 20140704184804
Ways To Put Fake Eyelashes
Ways To Put Fake Eyelashes
Not all are blessed with the so called natural beauty. Apart from natural remedies, the next best thing to hide your flaws and enhance your assets is to ‘go for fake’. Eyelashes are not exceptions when we consider makeup tips for ...
First Date Makeup Tips: Dos and Dont's
Are you gearing up for your first date? Do you want to impress your date? If you are going on your first date, there are chances of you feeling super unnerved and having the jitters. But you better don’t panic. ...
First Date Makeup Tips Dos And Donts
How To Set Your Makeup In Summer Video
How To Set Your Makeup In Summer: Video
How do you set your makeup is a question that is frequently asked by many women. You will hear this question asked even more frequently in the summer months because it gets so hot and humid. Makeup just seems to melt ...
Best Mascara Colours For Short Lashes
Summer is the season of hot and humid. In this season, look a little brighter by using trendy colors for your lips, nails and eyes. The bright and colorful make up will not make you feel better but also make others ...
Best Summer Mascara Colours For Short Lashes 20140516191530
Use Make Up Tips To Hide Stretch Marks
Hide Stretch Marks With Makeup
Stretch marks are caused because of pregnancy and stretching of skin due to excessive weight loss. These marks cannot be removed easily however good make up you use. Stretch marks are generally found on the tummy free pregnancy, thigh, knees and ...
5 Best Home Makeup Removers
Who doesn’t love some make up? Walking out of the home with your face shining to some natural and absolutely radiant make up obviously makes you look good. It gives you the confidence that is rightly yours. While applying makeup is ...
Best Home Makeup Removers
Five Ways To Apply Face Powder Correctly
5 Ways To Apply Face Powder Correctly
There are some people who are in love with face powder and make utter use of it to look fresh and fairer. However, too much of powder on the face may make you look funny and absurd. There are five ways ...
Mistakes You Make While Applying Eyeliner
Every woman wants to look beautiful and perfect always, no matter their age or occupation. Many women rely on makeup to accomplish this. The corporate professionals go for a full face makeup starting with foundation and moisturizer. Even the women who ...
Mistakes You Make While Applying Eyeliner
Makeup Tips For Hot Summers
9 Best Makeup Tips For Summers
There is no woman on earth who would say no to a bit of makeup. In fact, today we also have men queuing up for a little makeup and pampering. A well chosen makeup can make you look more beautiful and ...
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