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Makeup Tips

Mistakes You Make While Applying Eyeliner
Every woman wants to look beautiful and perfect always, no matter their age or occupation. Many women rely on makeup to accomplish this. The corporate professionals go for a full face makeup starting with foundation and moisturizer. Even the women who ...
Mistakes You Make While Applying Eyeliner
Makeup Tips For Hot Summers
9 Best Makeup Tips For Summers
There is no woman on earth who would say no to a bit of makeup. In fact, today we also have men queuing up for a little makeup and pampering. A well chosen makeup can make you look more beautiful and ...
10 Summer Eye Makeup Looks For You
The Indian summer is a delight in many ways. It is the season of colours and fashion. It brings out the colour in our wardrobe and our makeup cabinet as well. That is why summer makeup is something that is colourful ...
Ten Summer Eye Makeup Looks For You
Eye Makeup For Round Face
Eye Makeup Tips For Round Face
A round face was quite loved back in the time because a round face depicts liveliness, enthusiasm and charisma. The eyes of a round face woman are exceptionally stunning. The eyes are big and fish shaped which suit the generous cheekbones. ...
How To Avoid Mascara Smudge Under Eyes?
Who doesn’t love a bit of mascara when moving out for a party? But, imagine the dreary raccoonish look you get the day after, if you have not managed to get it removed and slept off with it. Those smudged eyes ...
How To Avoid Mascara Smudge Under Eyes
Smokey Eyes Makeup Tips
Get Smokey Eyes: Makeup Tips
If you are up for a fancy event or concert then it would be ideal to create a nice dramatic smokey eye look. When it comes to eye makeup there is nothing sexier than the classic smokey eye look. This stunning ...
Makeup Tricks To Hide Signs Of Ageing
Ageing can have unpleasant effects on your skin. Old age reduces the charm and beauty of your skin gradually. However, to our luck, there are many great makeup stuff available that helps to cover the signs of ageing on the skin. ...
Makeup Tricks To Hide Signs Of Ageing
Bronze Eye Makeup Tips For Indian Women
Bronze Make-Up Tips For Indian Women
Though generally classified as browns, Indians have a wide spectrum of skin tones. Be it rosy, deep brown or lovely golden glow, Indians have got it all. If I specifically talk about Indian women, most of us usually shy away from ...
How to Clean Makeup Brushes?
Every woman longs to look good. If a little bit of makeup helps enhance the looks it is always welcome. One tool that helps apply cosmetics is a makeup brush. Good quality brushes come pretty expensive. In order to keep them ...
Ways To Clean Makeup Brushes
Removing Sparkling Nail Polish Easy Tips
Removing Sparkling Nail Polish: Easy Tips
Sparkling nails are fun and they add oomph to your outfit. You can add energy to your office attire with a subtle yet sparkling nail polish, or dazzle the crowds at an elegant evening soirée with sparkling nail polish that matches ...
How To Apply Foundation: Best Tips
Having a perfect complexion is not something everyone is blessed with. One usually tends to have blemishes, scars, uneven skin tones, large open pores and such other imperfections. But not to worry, we have foundations to cover all of that ...
How To Apply Foundation Best Tips
Make Your Skin Glow Makeup Tips
Make Your Skin Glow: Makeup Tips
Beautiful, glowing skin is an asset for any woman. And even though we women think that we can nurture that amazing skin without makeup and look just like the airbrushed models, we have know in the back of our minds that ...
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