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Main Course

Grilled Salmon: Indian Style Recipe
A BBQ party is always a welcoming thought. You can enjoy some juicy steaks and party with close ones as well. We all know that grilling is a healthy way of cooking. That is why the whole world is consciously trying ...
Grilled Salmon Indian Style Recipe

Peas Pulao Butter Recipe
Yummy Peas Pulao With Butter Recipe
Rice is one of the most cherished and loves foods in almost all the cuisines. Rice is serve in different forms in various cuisines of the world. When we take a look at India, a lot of rice recipes are prepared ...
Quick Aloo Dum For Working Women
Aloo or potato is one of the widely used vegetables in the Indian cuisine. Lots of dishes are prepared using aloo. From aloo tikki to aloo dum, the dishes vary in the menu pages, but taste delicious as always! Aloo ...
Quick Aloo Dum For Working Women
Main Course Paneer Gravy Recipes
Main Course Paneer Gravy Recipes
Paneer is the fresh cottage cheese which is very popular among the vegetarians. The soft and spongy paneer is also known as the alternative to the juicy and spongy meat. Paneer is healthy cheese that is prepared with milk. As it ...
Horse Gram With Coconut Palya
Horse gram is a very popular bean which is widely consumed in the southern states of India. Commonly known Kulath (in Hindi), Kollu (in Tamil) and Hurali Saaru (in Kannada), horse gram is very healthy. The bean is widely used as ...
Horse Gram Coconut Palya
Paneer Tomato Gravy Recipe
Paneer Tomato Gravy Recipe
Paneer is one of the most preferred dish in a vegetarian diet. The dairy product is delicious and can be used to prepare snacks and main course dishes. From skewers to curries, paneer dishes are countless. If you love paneer and ...
Sesame Chicken Curry Recipe
Sesame chicken curry is a delicious treat for the meat lovers. The juicy chicken curry is topped with white sesame seeds which makes it an aromatic and lip smacking main course side dish. Sesame chicken curry has other ingredients like tomato ...
Sesame Chicken Curry Recipe
Hakka Rice Noodles Chinese Recipe
Hakka Rice Noodles: Chinese Recipe
The silky texture of rice noodles makes you try it once. Rice noodles not only look soft, but has a lot of health benefits too! Noodles made with all purpose flour can cause stomach problems like bloating, constipation, indigestion to name ...
Carrot Rice Recipe For Lunch
There are many carrot recipes that you can try at home. Carrots are very nutritious and offer numerous health benefits to the overall body. Be it weight loss or for the glowing skin, carrots can be surely added to your diet. ...
Carrot Rice Recipe For Lunch
Shahi Paneer Dhaba Style Recipe
Shahi Paneer: Dhaba Style Recipe
There are many dhaba style recipes that you can try at home too! Dhaba recipes are very popular in India for its amazing taste and aroma. Foodies try hard to find out what spices and procedure do these dhaba people use ...
Chicken n Peas Rice Recipe
Chicken rice is a delicious recipe that can be prepared for main course. You can have chicken rice with any gravy, salad or raita to have a filling and yummy meal. Chicken & peas rice recipe is simple and can be ...
Chicken N Peas Rice Recipe
Aloo Methi Side Dish Recipe
Aloo Methi: Indian Side Dish
Aloo methi is a splendid and delicious Indian side dish recipe. Aloo methi (potatoes with fenugreek leaves) is a special North Indian side dish that is served with roti or dal and rice. The aroma of methi (fenugreek leaves) with spices ...
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