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Lord Shiva

Significance Of Shivratri For Women
Maha Shivratri is a Hindu festival which holds a special significance for women. Also known as Shivratri, it is one of the festivals that is beneficial for women. Shivratri is the Night Of Shiva and it is believed that one of ...
Significance Of Shivratri For Women

Favourite Food Items Of Hindu Gods
Favourite Food Items Of Hindu Gods
Often devotees get confused thinking which sweet or food to offer their favourite Hindu god. We all know some basic favourite foods or sweets of some gods. For example, most of us know that Lord Ganesha loves to eat modak and ...
Things To Do During Shravan
There is a lot of significance attached to Shravan as it is a holy and auspicious month in the Hindu calendar. It is the sacred month when you worship Lord Shiva to impress Him. Most of the Lord Shiva devotees visit ...
Things To Do During Shravan
Guru Purima Significance Splendour
Guru Purnima: Significance n Splendour
Guru Purnima is celebrated on the first full moon day of Shravan month. According to the Hindu calendar, the Monsoons or the rainy season officially starts with the commencement of Shravan. This happens somewhere in the middle of July. The first ...
Popular Indian Pooja Flowers
Flowers are considered holy and offered to the deities. In Hinduism, you can find various flowers that are offered to Gods and Goddesses. For example, pink lotus is offered to Goddess Lakshmi and white lotus on the other hand is a ...
Indian Pooja Flowers
Worship Hindu Gods For Love
Worship These Hindu Gods For Love
There are many Hindu Gods for love and not just Kamadeva. Even Lord Krishna, Chandra Dev, Goddess Parvati, Rati are few Hindu Gods worshiped for love. We all know the romantic side of Lord Krishna. That is why, many devotees worship ...
Rudraksha Benefits In Hinduism
Rudraksha benefits are innumerable in Hinduism. Rudraksha is a commonly used term in Hindu religion. The tree and seed are known as Rudraksha whereas the fruit is known as Rudraksham. Rudraksha grows in hilly region of Nepal, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra and ...
Rudraksha Benefits Hinduism
Different Lord Ganesha Names
Different Names Of Lord Ganesha
Lord Ganesha is worshiped in every nook and corner of India. The remover of obstacles, Lord Ganesha is widely worshiped in Maharashtra and southern states of India. Ganesha is commonly known as Ganpati, Vighneshvara or the elephant head Lord. The name ...
Nataraja: The Lord Of Dance
When you enter a dance academy or a Hindu household, you will see the Nataraja idol. Nataraja, the cosmic dance is a form of Lord Shiva. As the name implies, Nataraja is the Indian Lord of Dance. The idol was made ...
Nataraja Lord Of Dance
Popular Lord Shiva Temples India
Popular Lord Shiva Temples: Shivratri Spl
India, is known far and wide as a spiritual land and people from various countries come to India to seek spiritual solace. From the tip of the Himalayas to the Southern Kanyakumari, the spirtitual journey of a person never ends. The ...
Forms Of Lord Shiva
Considered as the Supreme God, he is to bless all other lords of the Universe. Parvati is his wife and his children are Ganesha and Karthik. Lord Shiva has an eye on all the happenings in the world. According to popular ...
Lord Shiva Forms
Mallikarjun Temple Jyotirlinga
Mallikarjun Temple: Kailash Of The South
Mallikarjun temple is located at a height of 457 metres by the banks of Krishna river in Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh. It is dedicated to Lord Mallikarjun (an incarnation of Lord Shiva). Mallikarjun is one of the most sacred pilgrimages in South ...
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