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Best Tips To Make Homework Fun For Kids
Do you feel that homework is not actually meant for your kids alone? How much energy you have to spend every day to force your kids to sit down for at least 10 minutes to finish their homework? The most interesting ...
How To Make Homework Fun For Kids

Fun Workout Ideas For Kids
5 Fun Workout Ideas For Kids
Children nowadays have no physical activity; the modern age has ruined them. The advancement in technology has made their lives very easy and they have learnt not to move from their behinds for anything. This will only lead to the development ...
6 Foods That Can Harm Your Toddler
As a parent, you are concerned about foods that can harm your toddler. You know that some foods are ‘no-nos’ for children. You should cut down on sweets, as you know it decays your toddler’s teeth and also fills your little ...
 Foods That Can Harm Your Toddler
Diet Plan For Three Year Old Indian Kids
Diet Plan For 3-Year-Old Indian Kids
As your kid starts growing, his/her dietary needs have to be taken care of. When a child turns three, it is time for parents to carefully look after the kid's nutrition. This is because at this age, the kid gets into ...
Reasons Why Women Want Kids
Having a kid can change your life for the better. Though there are different ideas about having a baby, men and women have different opinions when it comes to having a new member into the family. Women want kids at some ...
Reasons Women Want Kids
Should Parents Do Kids Projects
Should Parents Do Kids' Projects?
Parents love to help or assist their children in academics. But, what are the dos and don’ts that a parent has to understand while teaching their children? What is the limit of interference of a parent in academics of a child? ...
8 Ways To Develop Study Habits In Kids
Parents want the best for their children. If you want to make your kids study well, it is important to develop study habits in kids from an early age itself. What they make as a part of their routine in the ...
Ways To Develop Study Habits In Kids
Eight Secrets Tips To Raise Happy Kids
8 Secret Tips To Raise Happy Kids
Many of us complain that we have a scarred childhood. We all feel that our parents did not understand us or did not bring us up in the right way. It is only after we become parents ourselves that we realise ...
Essential Tips To Deal With A Disrespectful Kid
Kids can be rude and disrespectful many a time, sometimes without meaning or intending to do so. Kids resort to a spate of things, many of which can be extremely rude and disrespectful. Rolling their eyes, hanging up on you, telling ...
Tips To Deal With Disrespectful Kids
Is Your Toddler Overeating
Is Your Toddler Overeating?
Here’s something you never thought you would worry about: Is your toddler overeating? You’re happy to be blessed with a perfect little toddler. A chubby vision of cuteness, whose cheeks everyone likes to pinch. When it comes to eating, unlike your ...
10 Family Values To Teach Kids
To develop a generation with better social values, parents need to play a very important role. What kids are being taught at home is what they will eventually give to the society. Parents these days do not have time to spend ...
Ten Family Values To Teach Kids
Ways To Teach A Child To Say Sorry
Ways To Teach A Child To Say Sorry
Teaching your child to say sorry, is one of the hardest task that a parent will need to inculcate among the various other things they teach their children. A ‘sorry’ can be forced out by the parents as soon as ...
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