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Junk Food

TheTop 5 Highly Selling Unhealthy Foods
With more and more fast foods and commodity stores coming up in the metros, the youth feel that eating and buying at such outlets is a matter of style. And which is why the stores have turned out to be the ...
Unhealthy Food Top Selling 130711 Aid

Salty Popcorn Effects 280611 Aid
Stay Away From Too Salty Popcorns!
It may be nice to munch popcorns while watching movies but the effects of eating too salty popcorns are highly unimmaginable. The cinema halls and metro malls offer expensive combos of different flavored popcorns and the tempting smell make one buy ...
Healthy Junk For 'National Junk Food Day'
Surprisingly have you ever heard of anyone telling you that junk food ain't healthy? Yes, of course you have .When ever the topic of Junk is heard, words like 'calories', 'carbohydrates', 'fats', and the rest related comes up. It has nothing ...
Junk Food Healthy
Friendlys Burgermelt Calories
A Burger Which Has 1,500 Calories
Slim and beautiful, may be the two most sort after words these days but at the same time we now have a new burger which is loaded with 1,500 calories. This burger is equivalent to nearly three KFC bun-less and fried ...
Cartoon Food Packets Effect Kid's Choice
Cartoons are the favorite objects that kids love to be around. A recent study says, cartoon characters appearing on snack packets can influence a child’s taste buds.This study was conducted by Yale University’s Rudd Center ...
Cartoon Characters Child Food Habit
Kfc Breast Cancer Campaign
KFC Turns Pink For Breast Cancer Campaign
KFC is promoting breast cancer awareness by changing the traditional red colour of its buckets to pink. KFC has joined hands with 'Susan G. Komen for the Cure' to fight breast cancer for what’s being billed as the "Buckets for the ...
KFC Now Serve's Cockroach And Mouse
One of our favorite fast food chains have been found guilty of violating hygiene regulations, after an official found a cockroach and mouse in one of their outlets. KFC accepted the being guilty for violating food hygiene regulations by failing to ...
Kfc Hygiene Regulation
Calorie Negative Diet Cola
Calorie Negative 'Diet Cola Bottle' Launched
The world’s first ever calorie negative sweet, the Diet Cola Bottle, has been launched in UK. The sweet, part of its Pic n’ Mix range, was unveiled by Woolworths.It burns more calories when eating and digesting than the sweet actually contains.Matthew ...
Fast Food Makes Us Impatient
Fast food is not only bad for health, it can trigger impatience and hasty behaviour in people, finds a new study. The original idea behind fast food is to increase efficiency, allowing people to quickly finish a meal so that they ...
Fast Food Makes Impatient
Junk Food Loses Popularity
Increasing Costs Lessens Junk Food Popularity
The unhealthy food and drinks including pizzas and soda loses the popularity, with their increasing costs, says the researchPublic health professionals had suggested to increase the taxes of the food high in the calories, saturated fats or added sugar. They wanted ...
Junk Food Commercials Cause Obesity
The reason for childhood obesity has now been revealed as junk food commercials.Principal investigator Frederick J. Zimmerman found that childhood obesity is directly related to kids’ exposure to advertisements that endorse unhealthy foods.Zimmerman and Janice F....
Childhood Obesity Junk Food
Traditional Dishes Urbanization
The Identity Of Traditional Dishes Disappears
The festival like Makar Sankranth which is symbolizes the harvest and prosperity is celebrated all over India. Like any other festival, it also reminds us some special delicious food items which we distribute among our kith and kins. ...
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