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Juice Recipes

Lychee Pineapple Smoothie For Summer
Summer is a season to celebrate with refreshing drinks and smoothies. If you want to describe the essence of summer, it can be best symbolised by two fruits; mangoes and lychees. And seeing some fresh and red lychees being sold on ...
Lychee Pineapple Smoothie For Summer

Watermelon Juice Recipe With Video
Watermelon Juice Recipe With Video
Summer is the time for having chilled fruit juices and sodas. Juice gives you lots of healthy fluids that stop you from having dehydration. Trying out a watermelon juice recipe is not exactly very difficult for seasoned cooks. However for amateurs, ...
Masala Watermelon Juice Recipe
Watermelon is one of the most favourite fruits of everyone. As it is the season of watermelon, you can relish the juicy red watery fruit to have a healthy body. Watermelon is one of the fruits which has many health benefits. ...
Masala Watermelon Juice Recipe
Two Ways To Make Sugarcane Juice
Two Ways To Make Sugarcane Juice
Sugarcane juice is found across the country. Every day you can find a number of stalls that sell sugarcane juice. In India, sugarcane juice is one of the cheapest juices which is extracted from the tall grass. FIND OUT: WHICH ...
Drink Recipes For Janmashtami Fasting
Today is the auspicious day of Krishna Janmashtami. And on this day, most Hindus fast for 24 hours. Krishna was born at the stroke of midnight. So if you are fasting on Janmashtami, you have to be without food for 24 ...
Drink Recipes For Janmashtami Fasting
Lychee Shake Summer Recipe
Lychee Shake: Delicious Summer Delight
Looking for a refreshing summer drink? Try lychee milkshake. This sweet and juicy tropical fruit is found in abundance during this season. Apart from being delicious, lychee is healthy too. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, helps in digestion ...
Refreshing Smoothie Recipes For Holi!
Holi, the Indian festival is around the corner. It is the festival of colours, joy and drinks. Bhang, the most special and popular Holi drink is prepared to celebrate the Indian festival. Holi marks the onset of spring; symbolises the colours ...
Refreshing Smoothie Recipes
Bitter Gourd Juice Recipe
Healthy Bitter Gourd Juice Recipe
We might hate bitter gourd but the bitter vegetable juice has many health benefits. Diabetics are advised to have bitter gourd juice regularly to decrease high blood sugar levels and purify blood. It also cures respiratory disorders like asthma and bronchitis. ...
Heart Healthy Recipes: World Stroke Day Spcl
World Stroke Day is a special day that is celebrated on 29th October every year. Heart issues especially strokes are a rising health problem worldwide. On this special day, the awareness to deal with a heart stroke and ways to prevent ...
World Stroke Day Heart Healthy Recipes
Aam Panna Navratri Fasting Recipe
Aam Panna: Navratri Fasting Drink
Aam panna is a special drink that is made using raw green mangoes. The mangoes are first boiled and then the pulp is mixed with water, sugar and spices. The sweet and tangy drink is very effective to cure dehydration, fight ...
Juice Recipes To Lower Cholesterol
Beetroot is one of the super foods that is loaded with lots of vitamins and nutrients. There are many health benefits of this red juicy vegetable. For example, beetroot detoxes the liver, cleanses out body by flushing toxins, improves blood counts ...
Healthy Juice Recipe To Lower Cholesterol
Yogurt Smoothie Recipes
2 Tasty Yogurt Smoothie Recipes
Juice is a healthy drink. Many people prefer having a glass of fresh fruit juice in breakfast. While juices can be made with fresh fruits or vegetables, smoothies are a drink that are not only filling but healthy too. Made with ...
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