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Destroy those envying roots
The enlightened master, Buddha says, ‘Destroy those envying roots and enjoy lasting peace.’ Just be fully aware when the feeling of jealousy arises. And you will be surprised, it simply disappears. Jealousy cannot be overcome either by escaping from it or ...
Jealousy Insecurity Spiritual Awareness

Jealousy Blind
Can Jealousy Make You Blind?
All of have ben brought up with the idea that jealousy is bad. But have you ever imagined, how bad can jealousy be? Jealousy can truly make a person blind.According to a new study, it was found that women who were ...
Sibling Rivalry Breeds Distrust And Jealousy
You must have seen siblings fighting over trivial issues like picking up clothes, eating the larger share of cake etc. However, a recent study has said that certain types of fights, no matter how innocent they seem to be, can affect ...
Sibling Rivalry Consequences
Unique Individual Comparison
Each Individual Is Unique
Why exactly do we compare ourselves with others? We compare ourselves because we have never understood ourselves and are not aware of who we are and what we have. It is also because society has conditioned us from our birth to ...
Jealousy Has No Solid Existence
Jealousy has no solid existence. Jealousy is like darkness. Darkness does not have an independent, positive existence. Darkness is not the presence of something. Darkness is just the absence of light. In the same way, jealousy has no ...
Overcoming Handling Jealousy
Kural 170
Tirukkural-On Virtue-Freedom From Envy-Kural 170
Alukatru akanraarum illai akthu illaar perukkathin teernthaarum il. The simple translation of this Kural by Rajaji cannot be bettered: None has grown richer by envying And no one has lost by not envying All the ...
Tirukkural-On Virtue-Freedom From Envy-Kural 169
Avviya nenjathaan aakkamunj cevviyaan Kaedum ninaikkap padum If an envious man accumulates wealth, and a virtuous man Comes by misfortune, both these need scrutiny The implication is that an envious man cannot get the good things ...
Kural 169
Kural 168
Tirukkural-On Virtue-Freedom From Envy-Kural 168
Alukkaaru yenanaoru paavi thiruchetruth Theeyuli uidhu vidum The evil genius of envy will entail the loss of all fortune, And render one liable for hell-fire. The envious sinner loses all wealth and happiness and merits eternal ...
Tirukkural-On Virtue-Freedom From Envy-Kural 167
Avvithu alukkaaru udaiyanaich seyyaval Thavvaiyaik kaati vidum Here is an effective translation of this Kural based on Rajaji's: The Goddess of good fortune cannot bear the sight of envious people, Whom she will turn over to ...
Kural 167
Kural 166
Tirukkural-On Virtue-Freedom From Envy-Kural 166
Koduppadhu alukkarupaan suttram uduppadhooum Unpadhooum inrik kedum The man, whose envy puts him in the way of other’s charity, Will go to ruin without even food and clothes. If one is not able or willing to ...
Tirukkural-On Virtue-Freedom From Envy-Kural 165
Alukkaru utaiyarkku atucalum onnar Valukkiyum ketin patu. Even without external enemies, envy is productive of evil;His own envy is enough to ruin a man. On this, Rajaji comments that envy makes a man lose happiness without ...
Kural 165
Kural 164
Tirukkural-On Virtue-Freedom From Envy-Kural 164
Alukkaatrin allavai seiyaar ilukkaatrin Eaetham padupaakku arindhu. Those who know the harm that comes of deeds of envy, Will shun all evil arising out of it. People who realize the trail of harm that envy brings in its ...
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