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5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Intelligence
There is no one on this Earth who would not want to be more intelligent than he or she presently is. The trouble is that we think that intelligence is something that we are born with, and thus it can hardly ...
Ways Increase Intelligence

Chaos Universe Intelligence Consciousness
Chaos In Order Is Comic Intelligence
In the universe, on the one hand, planets move so beautifully in order. There are no traffic signs or sign signboards! On the other hand, there is so much of chaos if you look at all the stars and galaxies moving ...
Live Every Moment In Total Awareness
Everyone of us has intelligence. It is an inherent, inborn quality of life. Intelligence is not something to attain; every living being is endowed with intelligence. Most of us have lost touch with our natural intelligence; that is why we are ...
Total Awareness Intelligence Present
Short Story Spontaneous Intelligence
Imprisoning The Buddha
A short Buddhist story portrays the spontaneous intelligence of a judge.Once a merchant bearing about fifty rolls of cotton goods on his shoulder, out of fatigue, rested under the shade of a large stone Buddha. Since it was a hot ...
Thirukkural-On Virtue-On Fate-Kural 372
Paedhaip padukkum ilavoolzh arivakatrumAakaloolzh utrak kadaiDestroying Fate can convert wisdom to folly; when on the other hand,Fate decrees prosperity, even the dull become shrewd.The idea is an amplification of the previous Kural. Prosperity and adversity in the present...
Kural 372
Blondes Are Smart
Who Said Blondes Are Not Smart?
The light-haired women who are well known by the name 'blondes', have the reputation for being long on the appeal and short in the intelligence levels. But the new studies reveal that the blondes earn seven percent more on average, compared ...
Slow Mind More Creative
A new American study reminds us that a slow brain can nurture more creative ideas. Creativity is associated with the low levels of the chemical N-Acetylasparate, found in neurons. Creativity promotes neural health and metabolism. But the neurons constitute brain's grey ...
Slow Mind Creative
Intelligence Individual Total Intellect
I am The Intelligence Of The Intelligent
Pujya Swami Tejomayanandaji, the head of Chinmaya Mission, world wide conducted a Satsang on January 13, 20 I at NMKRV Women's' College, Jayanagar, Bangalore on the subject entitled "I am the Intelligence of the Intelligent".Everything in God's creation ...
Unleash Your Natural Intelligence
Intelligence is not something to attain; every single being is endowed with intelligence. Each one of us has intelligence. It is an inherent, inborn quality of life. Most of us have lost touch with our natural intelligence; that is why we ...
Inherent Natural Intelligence
Intelligence Being Aware
Kindle The Spark Of Intelligence With Awareness
Intelligence is being aware and spontaneous. When you are deeply aware, you cannot make mistakes! With awareness, you don"t rely on what others have taught you. You don"t rely on the past conditioning that has gone on inside you for many ...
Integrate And Come Out Of The Worry Cycle
Intelligence is the only way to get freedom from anything that bothers you. If you are sweating about the small stuff, then there is something wrong somewhere. Be very clear that all miseries arise because of self-contradictions. You ...
Stop Worrying Overcome Clarity Thought
Innocence Intelligence Awareness
Innocence With Awareness
Another small story: A mother was leaving her child with her friend for a day. She told her child to remember to thank the friend before coming away that evening. The child returned home that ...
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