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Is Sugar Making You Stupid?
Fond of sweets? Do you know that too much intake of sugar can make you stupid? A high fructose diet can easily lower the IQ level of a person. On a better note a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can ...
Sugar Makes Stupid

Side Effects Insulin Injections
Side Effects Of Taking Insulin Injections
Diabetes is difficult to cure. This is a condition in which the blood sugar levels increase and the production of insulin decreases. Many diabetic patients with type I or II form takes insulin injections. A diabetic patient injects insulin because the ...
Diabetes Effects On Factors Of Life
Diabetes and Employment There is little that Diabetes stops your employment opportunity. It is not your fault that you have Diabetes and there is no reason to hide it. Make sure that people around you know that you have Diabetes. Tell ...
Diabetes Employment Fasting
Diabetes In Childhood
Diabetes In Childhood
What are the types of Diabetes in childhood? The types of Diabetes in childhood are the same as in adult, but the proportion of type 1 Diabetes is more in Childhood. To our surprise, we are seeing more and more ...
Hypo Symptoms And Diet
How my friends will know I have Hypo?Your friends or family members may notice a few things when you are suffering Low Blood Sugar. Initially they may notice few symptoms like change in behaviour, change in mood, pale face, slurring of ...
Hypo Diabetes Symptoms Diet
What Hypo Low Blood Sugar
Know More About Hypo
What is Hypo? “Hypo” is the short form of “Hypoglycaemia” meaning low sugar in the blood. This can be potentially dangerous and you need to understand how to recognise hypo, what to do in case you have hypo and how ...
Monitoring Diabetes Hbac
Monitoring Diabetes Is Important
What is the need for monitoring Diabetes?At the beginning Diabetes is often without symptoms. Time and again it has been proved in various scientific studies that uncontrolled Diabetes has a very high risk of developing complications (will be discussing later). Once ...
Types Of Insulin And More
Which Insulin is better, animal or human?Two types of animal Insulin are available, one is bovine and the other is porcine. They have slight structural difference with human Insulin. So far the efficacy is concerned, there is little difference. Allergy to ...
Diabetes Insulin Types
Diabetes Insulin Side Effects
Side Effects Of Insulin
Are there any side effects of Insulin?Insulin is a natural hormone, so side effect is not expected. Sometime we do see skin allergy with animal Insulin, but this is rare. There is a chance of little gain in weight, most of ...
Rules Of Insulin Injections
What is the best time to take injection?The best time to take ordinary Insulin is 30 minute before food, in that way the level of Insulin and sugar in blood after food match well. But in case you have eaten already, ...
Insulin Injection Rules
Insulin Dosage Diabetes
Dosage Of Insulin To Diabetic Patients
How many times a day I need to take Insulin?This depends on the Insulin regimen your doctor advices; there are several regimens we use. The best regimen is to use three short acting insulin before main meals and a longer acting ...
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