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Simple Ways To Clean Pillows
Home improvement and home maintenance is a tough job. There are so many aspects to a house like the accessories, furniture, furnishings and so on. Keeping everything clean and at place is difficult at times. The whole interior can go wrong ...
Simple Ways To Clean Pillows
4 Easy Ways To Clean & Maintain Bookshelves
We are always particular about where we keep the most precious things in our home. You might be imagining a locker or a wardrobe where you store jewellery. But for a book lover, his or her bookshelf is much more precious ...
Use Storage Space For Clutter-Free Home
All homes have storage space. Some homes have better storage spaces than others, and there are hardly any houses that do not have any storage space. Now it is important to define what is a storage space. You cannot call your ...
Use Storage Space For Clutter Free Home
Innovative Ways To Use Kitchen Knife
7 Innovative Ways To Use Kitchen Knife
We all have utility kitchen knives in our homes. Have you ever wondered, what all you can do with a simple kitchen knife. It is not just required for its culinary activities but also to do a number of odd jobs ...
Cleaning Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide can be used in a variety of ways for cleaning the house. We often use hydrogen peroxide for healing wounds and cuts on the skin. Apart from using it as a first aid, you can use hydrogen peroxide for ...
Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Uses
Home Safe Holi Colours
Keep Your Home Safe From Holi Colours
Holi is a very colourful and vibrant festival. We all love to play with Holi colours on the streets and parks. However, the trouble begins when the Holi colours reach your house. We spend so much of our funds on the ...
Tips To Speed Up Women's Morning Routine
The morning routine is the most stressful part of the day, especially for the lady of the house. The children have to go to school, breakfast has to be made and the adults need to leave for office. The best way ...
Women Morning Rountine Speed Up
Bleaching Agents From Kitchen
Bleaching Agents From Your Kitchen
Your home has many dirty corners that cannot be cleaned without using bleaching agents. So you need to keep a stock of natural bleaching agents. You basically need to bleach when the dirt has been accumulating in a nook or place ...
8 Ways To Use Tamarind For Cleaning
All South-Indian homes have plenty of tamarind in their kitchens. This is because tamarind is widely used for cooking in India. We add tamarind water in sambars, rasam and even in other dishes like tamarind rice. Apart from that, tamarind is ...
Tamarind Uses Cleaning
Clean Bathroom Steps
Guide To Clean A Bathroom In 5 Steps
Starting and finishing your day in a sparkling clean bathroom makes life a little more enjoyable. But there is a catch- someone actually has to do the cleaning of the bathroom consistently! Cleaning your bathroom doesn't have to be as difficult ...
7 Things To Shop For Thanksgiving
Every year, your shopping list gets longer and longer as the festivals arrive one after the other. Thanksgiving is one festival that celebrates family and food. Thus most people stay home or rather come home for this festival. Needless to say ...
Shopping List Thanksgiving
Germs And Bacteria In Kitchen
Unseen Sources Of Germs In Kitchen!
You can wash the utensils and kitchen towels with detergent to keep it clean and hygienic. However, there are many hidden places in your kitchen that can be the home for germs and bacteria. Cleaning the kitchen floor, slab, gas stove, ...
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