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Clean Ceiling Fans In 5 Simple steps
It is summer and you may need ceiling fans to beat the heat. But dirty fan blades may cause various allergies and also spoil the electrical equipment due to wobbling. Today, there are various types of ceiling fans that are not ...
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Ways To Make Your Home Smell Great!
After a tiring day at your workplace, you would want to relax at home but what if your home smells bad? It will spoil your mood even more. And to avoid that, some useful tips can help your home smell good. ...
House Cleaning Simplified For Men
As part of the International women's day, all men out there, try and impress your wives asking them to take leave from house cleaning for a day. Although house cleaning isn't easy, here we have some simple house cleaning tips for ...
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Unique Wardrobe Fresheners For Winter Clothes
Come spring summer vacation, its time to make wardrobe clothes smell good and if you are wondering how? Here are a few natural tips to maintain wardrobe clothes. As the sun is bright and hot, dry all your wardrobe clothes in ...
Deal With Deadly Summer Flies : Eradicate Houseflies
It is Summer, season of Mangoes, season of Houseflies too. Houseflies breed faster in the hot season and feed on disease causing fecal matter, discharge of human and animal wounds and sores. Only sanitation can help in getting rid of ...
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Groom Yourself To Good Housekeeping
A good housekeeper is a good homemaker. Housekeeping is also an art which requires skills to keep home clean always without much expensive and effort. Everybody need to know how to maintain their home as it the prime step for a ...
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