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Home Remedies

Cosmetics and medicines are ways to quick cure to several health and beauty problems but unfortunately they all have side effects. Thus, the best way to cure health and beauty problems is to follow home remedies. Home remedies are natural cures using natural ingredients which do not have side effects and is a permanent cure to all problems. This section has several home remedies for all problems and these home remedies are well tested. Home remedies are now gaining heightened popularity across the globe.
Home Remedies To Cure Acne Due To Dandruff
One of the most common reasons why women and men suffer from acne is because of dandruff. Not many are aware that dandruff is the main reason why those little blisters on your forehead appear. If you have the habit of ...
Home Remedies To Cure Acne Due To Dandruff
Solutions To Common Skin Problems
Solutions To 10 Common Skin Problems
We all suffer from some or the other skin problem. From acne to tired and puffy eyes, there are certain common skin problems which adds a flaw on the face. Even after applying numerous over the market creams and gels, nothing ...
4 Remedies To Remove Wax From Clothes
Candlelight sets a romantic mood. A sip of wine. Soft music. Then, whoops, the candle wax drops onto your clothes or onto your dining table cloth and you think it is the end of the world. Candle wax is sometimes difficult ...
Four Remedies To Remove Wax Stains From Clothes
How You Can Prevent Chickenpox In Adults
How To Prevent Chickenpox In Adults
There are a lot more complications if an adult is infected with the deadly infectious virus, chickenpox But an adult can easily prevent himself from chickenpox if he undertakes some necessary measures. Chickenpox is caused by one of the herpes ...
Remedies To Preserve Wedding Saree Or Dress
There is an old age saying - Store your wedding saree in a nice plastic bag to keep it for years, until your daughter can wear it when she gets married. You should know, if you want your daughter to wear ...
Remedies To Preserve Wedding Saree Dress
Lighten Armpits Overnight Remedies
Lighten Armpits Overnight: Remedies
Women often dread to wear sleeveless and strapless outfits as the armpits are visible. Even after trying many remedies and keeping the underarms clean, the armpits look dark. Unfortunately, there is not makeup also that women can apply there to hide ...
Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pigeons
This is one of the most common problems which is faced in every tall storey building. Pigeons create a menace in most of our homes, don't they? The only way to stop these birds from making a mess on your balcony ...
Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pigeons
Remove Skin Tag Home Remedies
Remove Skin Tag With Home Remedies
Do you see small raised out growths on the skin, cluttered on some parts of the body? This skin which looks like a mole is nothing but skin tags. Skin tags are not a serious problem and a common condition among ...
Easy Home Remedies To Stop Twitching Eyes
Many people have often faced the bothersome problem of twitching eyelids. It is a common problem especially in the younger generation of people. According to research it is believed that there are only three main reasons for a twitching eye: stress, ...
Easy Home Remedies To Stop Twitching Eyes
How To Get Strong Hair Natural Remedies
How To Get Strong Hair: Natural Remedies
Regular hair care is a must if you wish to have strong hair. Let's have a quick look at what contributes to strong hair. There's a simple test to see if you have strong hair or not. Comb or brush your ...
Remedies For Treating Blisters
Blisters are formed when the skin gets a burn or is irritated. These are small fluid filled spots on the skin. Blisters can also occur on your feet because of a new pair of shoes that don't fit well. CHICKEN ...
Remedies For Treating Blisters
Natural Remedies For Nausea
Natural Remedies To Cure Nausea
Nausea is one of the most common conditions people suffer from. It can be due to many reasons. You can feel nauseated due to various causes like food allergies, lactose intolerance, infections to name a few. When you are nauseated, ...
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