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Holi Recipes

Stuffed Masala Kachori: Holi Recipe
Kachoris are widely prepared in every household during festivals. As it is Holi, the festival of colours, you cannot miss the kachoris. The fried kachoris are teamed-up with aloo ki sabzi, raita, sweet dish and pickles. Kachoris can be made ...
Stuffed Masala Kachori Holi Recipe

Bhang Peda Holi Sweet Recipe
Bhang Peda: Holi Sweet Recipe
Bhang is a special treat for Holi. This Indian festival of colours is incomplete without adding Bhang to the dishes. It is prepared with leaves and flowers of the female cannabis plants. You can add bhang to the chilled thandai or ...
Litti Chokha: A Blast Of Spice On Holi!
Litti Chokha is one of those quintessential Indian street foods recipes that on Holi become all the more special. What would you like to munch on when you suddenly feel those hunger pangs while playig with colours, steaming hot Littis with ...
Litti Chokha Holi Recipe
Fruit Kebab Holi Recipe Kids
Fruit Kebabs: Holi Treat For Kids!
On holi, kids are happy with their colours but they also want to have tasty food on this festival! Fruits are not only healthy but can also be used as an ingredient to make delicious dishes for kids. Check out the ...
Mango Jaljeera: Chilled Appetizer
A festival is dull without delicacies. As holi is coming close, it is time to be play with colours. Mangoes, the fruit of summer is widely used in houses. Kacha aam or kairi is mainly used to make healthy juices which ...
Mango Jaljeera Holi Recipe
Gujiya Holi Recipe
Colourful Gujiya: Recipe For A Sweet Holi
Gujiya is not something that you can make only as a Holi recipe; it quite a common Indian dessert recipe actually. But this special dish for Holi will bring with it all the colours that are due to Holi. Yes, we ...
Kanji Vada: Holi Recipe
Kanji vada is a traditional holi recipe prepared in almost all the houses. To change the sweet taste bud, just grab a bowl of kanji vada and enjoy the sour and salty blend of the juicy chaat! Check out the easy ...
Kanji Vada Holi Recipe
Mang Lassi Recipe Holi
Mango Lassi: A Soothing Drink
Lassi is a traditional Indian drink that is made with yogurt. This soothing drink is healthy and filling too! As mangoes are the fruit of the season, use the King of all fruits to make yummy lassi. Make it a special ...
Special Holi Recipe: Bhang Pakora
What is holi without Bhang? Although one wouldn't want to drink the alcohol there are savoury ways to use it in cooking. Bhang pakora recipe is the highly preferred holi recipe for the year. The reason is simple, it is different, ...
Bhang Pakora Recipe Holi
Apple Drink: Holi Recipe
Holi is coming close. It is time to prepare your favourite dishes and serve your guests while celebrating the festival of colours. Holi is well known for the mind blowing drinks especially bhang! To have a change from the thandai and ...
Puran Poli: Holi Sweet Recipe
Puran Poli is a tasty sweet dish made in Maharashtra. This sweet dish is commonly made during Holi. As the festive season is coming close, it is time to plan your menu for the day. Take a look at the puran ...
Puran Poli Holi Recipe
Badam Kulfi Easy Dessert Recipe
Delicious Badam Kulfi For Holi
What can be a better recipe than this holi special. Today, we introduce the all time favourite “badam kulfi recipe” that is relished by kids and the aged in summer. After all the splash of colours, children expect something cool (thanda), ...
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