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Hinduism Belief

Why To Perform A Shraddh Puja?
Shraddh is a puja through which the people pay homage to their ancestors through food and other rituals. One expresses their love and respect for their ancestors through this ritual. This is also known as the Pitr Paksha. According to some ...
Shraddh Hindu Ritual

Remove Evil Home Hindu Beliefs
How To Ward Off Spirits?
Many a times it so happens that you feel there is something unnatural or supernatural going around in your home. There is nothing unusual about it. You must have heard that there are some haunted places worldwide. These places are filled ...
Why To Keep A Basil Plant At Home?
According to the most popular Hindu beliefs it is considered sacred to keep a Basil (Tulsi) plant at home. And there are more than one reasons for it. You will find a Tulsi plant in most of the Hindu homes. They ...
Holy Basil Home
Angry Hindu Gods
5 Angry Gods In Hinduism
Who do you think are the angry Gods in Hinduism? You strive hard to please these Gods and not invite their wrath upon you. There are certain Gods in Hinduism who are considered to have a hot temperament. It is said ...
Why Do Hindus Worship A Cow?
The cow is considered to be holy in Hinduism. But do you know why? Respect for animals has been an age old trait in Hinduism. There are many reasons as to why a cow is considered holy in Hinduism. We follow ...
Cow Holy Worship
Onam Stories Celebrations
Legendary Stories To Know About Onam
Onam is celebrated in the Malayalam month of Chingam. It is a ten day festival that is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur in Kerala. The starting day of Onam is known as the Atham and the last day is known ...
Why Do We Give God An Offering?
Why do you think we give God an offering? Do you know from where this belief emerged? You must have noticed that Hindus give God a plateful of offering. People sometimes even go up to the extent of making sacrifices ...
God Offering Hindu Belief
Hindu Myths Menstruation
Hindu Myths About Menstruation
There were and still are a lot of customs to be followed by Hindu girls during their menstruation. People in recent times laugh at such unreasonable Hindu customs. Menstruation is not an easy thing in a woman's life. It is all ...
Surprising Myths About Amavasya
In Hindu mythology there are several myths about moon. Even amavasya or no moon has a mythological explanation behind it. Somdev or Chandra dev is the God of the moon according to Hindu mythology. He is shown riding a chariot pulled ...
Amavasya Hindu Mythology
Fertility Rituals Hinduism
The Fertility Rituals of Hinduism
Fertility rituals are so ingrained in the day to day life of Hindus that one might just fail to notice them. Hindu rituals directly or indirectly celebrate this very mortal quality of 'giving birth'. The fertility rituals in Hinduism pay tribute ...
Tribal Christians reconvert to Hinduism
Rourkela, Dec 26 (UNI) At least 78 tribals belonging to sixteen families from Balilepta, Gudguda, Chikitia, Sorada and Bhojpur were reconverted to Hinduism at ceremony organised by Viswa Hindu Parishad in Chikitia village under Nuagaon block of Sundergarh district yesterda...
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