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Hindu Gods

Spiritual Remedies For Rahu Dosha
Rahu and Ketu are two shadow plants in Hindu mythology. Rahu and Ketu were basically asuras who came and sat with the devas when they were being served 'amrit' or elixir. When they had just drunk half the amrit, they were ...
Spiritual Remedies For Rahu Dosha

Is Lord Hanuman Alive
Is Lord Hanuman Alive?
It is believed that Lord Hanuman is immortal and will never die. That is why there are still questions like, "Is Lord Hanuman alive?" Lord Hanuman belongs to the vanara or monkey clan and is one of the most worshiped deities ...
Worship Hindu Gods Day Wise
In Hindu mythology, every day of the week is dedicated to one particular god. Devotees who believe in god worship particular lords every day. So, if you want to worship all avatras and forms of god in particular, you get one ...
Worship Hindu Gods Day Wise
Versions Of The Ganesha Birth Story
Versions Of The Ganesha Birth Story
Hindu mythology is basically an oral tradition. The mythical stories about Hindu gods and goddesses have been told and re-told several times even before there was a script to pen them down. That is why, it is common to have many ...
Radha-Krishna Love Story: Janmashtami Spl
The Radha Krishna love story is a tale of divine love. This is not like any average love story. That is why, it is a good idea to revisit the legend of the Radha Krishna love story on Janmashtami. The festival ...
Radha Krishna Love Story Janmashtami Special
Story Of Sati Devi Temples
The Story Of Sati Devi Temples
You may have heard of Sati, Lord Shiva's first consort. But Sati Devi temples are not very much heard of. That is because, the Sati Devi temples are better known as Shakti Peethas. Yes, the temples of the Shakti Peethas are ...
32 Different Forms Of Ganapati
Almost every Hindu household has Ganesha idols in it. Lord Ganapati is the first among the Hindu Gods. No puja can be started without first paying homage to the Ganesha, who is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Just like ...
Thirty Two Different Forms Of Ganapati
Mythical Stories About Sheshnag
Mythical Stories About The Sheshnag
The Sheshnag is a mythical creature which is very commonly seen in Hindu mythology. Sheshnag is usually depicted as a snake with 5 or 7 heads. However, the Vedic scriptures describe it as a snake with a 1000 heads. The Sheshnag ...
10 Holy Lord Shiva Symbols
Religion is quite unlike science. It works through a web of mystic signs and symbols. Every religion has its own set of symbols. In Christianity, it is the cross, mother Mary, the holy ghost etc. In Islam it is the crescent ...
Ten Holy Lord Shiva Symbols
Importance Of Shravan Shiva Vrat
Importance Of The Shravan Shiva Vrat
Shravan is the month when the Monsoons are at its peak in India. This month is held in special reverence by the devotees of Lord Shiva. This is because, Shravan is the special month of Lord Shiva. Especially, the 4 Mondays ...
20 Most Famous Temples In India
India is literally stuffed with sacred temples. The number of holy places in India is very high. However, some temples have been blessed with incredible fame and the devotees have blind faith in deities that reside in these temples. For example, ...
Twenty Most Famous Temples In India
Biggest Miracles Of Lord Shiva
The Biggest Miracles Of Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva is an integral one of the Holy Trinity in Hinduism. Brahma, Vishu and Maheshwar (meaning Shiva) form the cycle of creation, preservation and destruction in the Universe. Lord Shiva is the Destroyer, but creation is also incomplete without him. ...
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