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Healthy Recipes

Healthy Falafel Recipe For Breakfast
Falafel is a traditional dish from the Middle East. It is basically a patty prepared with chickpeas. Traditionally falafels are eaten like snacks, topped with salad or dip. However they taste amazing with pita bread. Apart from being a delight ...
Healthu Falafel Recipe For Breakfast
 Vegetables Best Served When Steamed
10 Vegetables Best Served When Steamed
“Eat your vegetables!” is a command heard in most houses as mothers battle with their kids on the importance of eating vegetables. It is probably one of the first things that children disagree with their parents. Certainly, fish and chicken are ...
Garlic Chicken Gravy: Recipe For Dieters
The combination of garlic and chicken is one of the continental wonders. Garlic is one of the flavours that go best with chicken. That is why garlic chicken recipes are of many types. Garlic chicken gravy recipe are especially very savoury. ...
Garlic Chicken Gravy Recipe For Dieters
Baked Methi Paratha For Breakfast
Baked Methi Paratha For Breakfast
Indians love to have a wholesome breakfast with puri and parathas. But paratha recipes are usually high on calories. Paratha are fried with oil or ghee traditionally. However, nowadays people have become very health conscious. That is why; they choose to ...
Neem Chokha Recipe For Chicken Pox Prevention
The most dreaded season of chicken pox is here again. While most of us have contracted this disease in our childhood, for those who haven't, prevention is in your hands. It is extremely essential to boost your immunity and keep yourself ...
Neem Chokha Recipe For Chicken Pox Prevention
Twenty Diabetic Recipes For Vegetarians
20 Diabetic Recipes For Vegetarians
Living with diabetes is not easy. When you have diabetes, you have to make a lot of adjustments to your diet. Anything remotely high in sugar or starch can be dangerous for diabetic patients. That is why diabetic recipes have to ...
12 Delicious Diabetic Special Recipes
Diabetes is a silent killer. But it doesn't mean that you cannot beat this disease. The only thing you need to do is follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. A diabetic diet should be ideally free from anything that adds up ...
Delicious Diabetic Special Recipes
Tasty Dal Kabila For Diabetics
Tasty Dal Kabila For Diabetics
Diabetes is a disease which restricts you from eating all your favourite foods. But that doesn't mean that you cannot have tasty food if you have diabetes. We, at Boldsky aim to give the best to your taste-buds and take care ...
Cucumber Chana Dal Recipe For Diabetics
Diabetes is one of the most prevalent disease in today's world. More than half of the population suffers from diabetes which is definitely a matter of concern for all of us. So, today being World Diabetes Day, Boldsky brings to you ...
Cucumber Chana Dal Recipe For Diabetics
Sampurna Culinary Portrait Sattvic Food
"SAMPURNA": Culinary Portrait Of Sattvic Food
As an ardent devotee of Ayurveda, the wisdom of life, I continue my culinary journey with "Sattvic Food". In my "Culinary Portrait", being "The Culinary Painter", I have put in an effort to paint the essence of Sattvic Food. My 'Culinary ...
Hara Bhara Upma For Breakfast
Looking for a quick and easy breakfast recipe? We have just the perfect solution for you. Breakfast has to be a healthy meal because it is the first meal of the day. It is important keep you healthy and energized for ...
Hara Bhara Upma Breakfast Recipe
Parimita Khichadi Ode To Sattvic Food
"PARIMITA" - An Ode To "Sattvic Food"
This recipe offers a nutritious "Mish-Mash" or "Khichadi" prepared with vegetables and balancing spices. A simple preparation of "Khichadi" enjoys the highest form of regard, as a preparation in Ayurveda, owing to it's nutritious, wholesome and balancing natures. Yellow Mo...
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