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Hair Loss

7 Problems Of Having Long Hair
A lot of women love having long hair. They look gorgeous as long hair adds a sensual oomph factor to the overall appearance. There are many men who love women with long hair. These men love getting tangled inside the long ...
Problems Of Having Long Hair

Treat Thinning Hair Naturally
Top Ways To Treat Thinning Hair Naturally
Thin hair is one of the most common hair problems which can be very depressing. If you see your thick hair becoming thinner every passing day in front of your eyes, you would get worried and would like to bring back ...
Hair Problems of Thyroid Patients
Thyroid gland is an important glans in our body which produces hormones necessary for body metabolism and functioning. Increased excretion of thyroid hormones causes hyperthyroidism and decreased excretion causes hypothyroidism. The unbalanced secretion of thyroid hormones...
Hair Problems Thyroid Patients
Winter Hair Mistakes To Avoid
Winter Hair Care: Mistakes To Avoid
During winters, we tend to take our beauty regime for granted. This is more common among women as they are more into grooming and the chilling weather just makes them too lazy to maintain their beauty regime. Both skin and hair ...
Ways To Treat Frizzy Hair
Frizzy hair looks dull and unclean. Carrying frizzy hair becomes very difficult. Hair becomes frizzy when it turns dry after a hair wash. People with curly hair are more prone to developing a frizz in their hair. Maintaining frizzy hair can ...
Ways To Treat Frizzy Hair
Ingredients Treat Hair Fall
15 Kitchen Ingredients To Reduce Hair Fall
Hair loss is one of the major hair problems these days. There are many causes of hair fall. From seasonal changes to diet to improper hair care, the causes of hair fall are numerous. There are several beauty ingredients that can ...
Hair Benefits Of Lemon
We all have heard the numerous health and beauty benefits of lemon juice. Lemon is not just used to treat hair loss or cure scalp problems. The citrus fruit juice also helps increase hair growth and get strong hair naturally. ...
Lemon Hair Benefits
Twenty Home Ingredients Hair Care
20 Hair Care Ingredients From Home
We all strive to attempt home remedies for hair care. There are several beauty ingredients that can be used for hair care. If you think that curd, lemon, oil or boiled hibiscus flowers are the only few ingredients that can be ...
Beauty Benefits Of Neem Paste
We all know that neem has many beauty benefits. Neem leaves can be grounded into a paste and used for various purposes. Neem paste beauty benefits are on the skin as well as hair! Neem paste can be applied on the ...
Beauty Benefits Neem Paste
Traditional Indian Hairstyles
Trending Traditional Indian Hairstyles
Looking traditional is something we all desire at some or the other time. Sometimes taking a break from casual jeans and top is very important. Traditional outfits do make you look pretty and gorgeous. But an ethnic look is incomplete without ...
Homemade Anti-dandruff Hair Masks
Dandruff is a common hair problem that seems to exist even after taking several precautions. Even after using anti-dandruff shampoos and getting such treatments, nothing works better. Those chemical based hair care products only make your hair dry and frizzy. So, ...
Homemade Anti Dandruff Hair Masks
Scalp Pain Ponytail
Scalp Pain Due To Ponytail
Carrying a ponytail is funky, looks chic and stylish too! A ponytail is comfortable and considered good for the hair. From medium to high ponytails, this hairstyle is really trending this summer. It is good and comfortable too! You not only ...
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