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4 Best Ways To Maintain White Furniture
Although white furniture gives a classy look to the house, it is avoided by a lot of people. This is because of obvious reasons that the white furniture can attract dust and dirt easily. It is also quite tough to maintain ...
Ways To Clean White Furniture

Easy Tips For Shiny Wooden Furniture
Easy Tips For Shiny Wooden Furniture
When it comes to furniture, many of us will agree that wooden furniture adds an elegance to the house. It has an old world charm to it and makes the house feel warm and inviting. But the only problem with ...
Killing Termites In Antique Furniture
One of the problems which you might face when you have antique furniture at home is a termite infestation. This breed of termite nests, feeds and lives in wood which is old and has little to no moisture present in it. ...
Killing Termites Antique Furniture
Mold Damp Furniture Winter Season
Get Rid Of Mold On Damp Furniture
Mold is one of the main causes for wrecking your good furniture in your homes. During the winter season, one of the most common problems when it comes to wooden furniture is the white molds that forms on the furniture. The ...
Looking After Outdoor Furniture
Furniture endows us with comfort but treasuring them from damage requires a lot of care. Whether it's indoor or outdoor furniture, regular cleaning and maintenance is a requisite to retaining the furniture in excellent appearance, and make it last longer. ...
Looking After Outdoor Furniture
Choose Best Sofa
Which Is The Best Sofa For Your Home?
Often we choose a sofa set out of instinctive likes or dislikes. The best sofa for your home is not the one that you like that first glance. You need to do a lot of research before you actually buy the ...
Moving House? Unpack Smartly Part-1
Gone are the days when we were born and died in the same house. Most of us are pretty 'mobile' these days. We change jobs and move base from one place to another very frequently. Moving houses is probably the most ...
Moving House Unpacking
Coffee Table Designs
5 Coffee Table Ideas You Can Use
Coffee tables are basically modified side tables that are used to create a leisurely space to eat mid-day meals. While side table holds your lampshades and show pieces, coffee tables are mainly for keeping small food trays and your steaming cups ...
Ways To Get Your Garden Furniture Right
Most of our lives, we wait for a house with a huge garden and patio where we would spend heavenly evenings relaxing after the days work. When we finally get down to buying a spacious house with a decent lawn and ...
Outdoor Garden Furniture
Swing Sets Home
4 Swings Sets & Where To Put Them
What makes an otherwise mundane home special? It is that one touch of creativity that makes all the difference to an ordinary house. That difference could come through a classy antique that has been in your family, an obscure painting or ...
Storage Furniture For Small Homes
When you consider furniture for storage, then it does not always have to be cupboards and cabinets. In our modern small homes, furniture serves more purpose than just one. Most often, we do not have space to spare for huge cupboards. ...
Storage Furniture Small Homes
Designer Furniture Teak Wood
Shabana Azmi Inaugurates Designer Furniture Line
New Designer Furniture Line In Town: Uttara and Adwait Kher recently came up with a line of designer furniture. The event took place at the BMB Art Gallery in the Fort area of Mumbai. Ms. Shabana Azmi inaugurated the designer ...
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