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Friendship Day

Coffee n Chocolate Muffins: Friendship's Day Special
I decided to make muffins and tried to experiment with coffee. I made a coffee and walnut cake sometime back and everyone loved it. This time, apart from coffee, I decided to add chocolate to my muffins. Muffins came out ...
Coffee Chocolate Muffins Recipe

How Friends Influence Life
How Friends Influence Your Life
Friends are a beautiful gift to us. They add meaning to our life, enrich us, share our problems and bring joy to our lives with their presence. It has been truly said that friendship is one relation which is not pre-destined ...
Celebrate Friendship Day In Cyber Space
Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. In 2013, the 4th of August is the day appointed for celebrating Friendship Day. This special day for friends is usually celebrated in a big way when we are ...
Celebrate Friendship Day In Cyber Space
Bollywood Celebrity Friends
Famous Bollywood Celebrity Friends
Best friends are forever. Similarly, there are many friends who have maintained their relationship with ease since years. Even after facing few downfalls and tiffs, a friendship lasts. At the end of the day, it all depends on how you take ...
Friendship Day Dedication From A Reader
After ‘Family', it's only ‘Friends' who understand you better. You may see a very good friend in your mom, dad, brother or sister, but when it comes to sharing, it's none other than FRIENDS. You do not think twice before sharing ...
Friendship Day Dedication From Reader
Meaning Rose Colours
Rose Colours For Friendship Day
Roses can be the most ideal gift for any occasion. There is no better medium to express your emotions other than presenting a rose. There is a separate meaning for roses of each colour. So,if you are in search of some ...
Celebrate Friendship Day With Your Partner
Your partner is your best friend. So, he/she becomes the first person with whom you should celebrate Friendship Day. He or she is the closest one to you. You fight with them but still love them the most. But, if there ...
Celebrate Friendship Day Partner
Friendship Day Party Wear
Trendy Party Wears For Friendship Day
The first Sunday of August has always been celebrated as Friendship Day all over the globe. It is a day to cherish the friendship of your loved ones and acknowledge them for the same. There are several ways by which people ...
Healthy Gift Ideas For Friendship Day!
Your Friendship Day gift is different from anything else you have presented to your friend. It is a celebration of a relationship where you share and care. So, how will you tell your friend that you really care? You can givw ...
Healthy Friendship Day Gift
Friendship Day Celebrations
Celebrate Friendship Day With Pals!
First Sunday of August is dedicated to the true bond of friendship. It is the celebration of the friendship between friends who have been together in all stages of life. It is the time to re-collect all the memories with your ...
Walking Hand In Hand With "Friends"
The most awaited day when you tie the traditional band on the hand of your friend , to mark the unity of friendship was celebrated with much enthusiasm. Both young and old people across the country raised a toast to their ...
Friendship Day Walk
Friendship Day Animals
Tiny Tots' Friendship Day With Animals!
In the time of horror, the message of love and friendship is quite important. The message should reach initially to the future generation, since they are the promise for tomorrow! A unique way of friendship day celebration happened at Jamshedpur.Many ...
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