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Secrets That You Should Not Tell Anyone
Best friends forever, the term that has lately taken over the world simply mean sharing every bit of your life with each other. Yes, when you became friends and turned on to be best friends, you pledged to share every single ...
Secrets You Should Not Tell Your Friends
Signs Of A Selfish Friend
Signs To Trace A Selfish Friend
When you make friends, you do not come to know the true colours of the person immediately. Only after spending some time, you can make out the real characteristics of your friend. Very few people are lucky enough to have good ...
10 Signs You Are Mature For Your Age
Being matured is often a compliment that elderly people give you. Among youngsters, ‘mature' is a synonym for ‘boring'. And yet, it becomes important to display maturity in some aspects of your life. That is when signs of being mature for ...
Ten Signs You Are Mature For Your Age
Things Friends Teach Us In Life
Things Friends Teach Us In Life
In life, there is no chance we can live without friends. Friendship is what makes our life complete. When you have good friends in your life, you are truly blessed and cannot ask for more. When you have real good ...
Steps To Become Friends With An Enemy
Revenge, hatred and jealousy are some of the evil aspects of our human nature. Almost everyone has experienced these feelings to a greater or lesser degree in life. All of us will have lots of good friends whom we hang out ...
Steps To Become Friends With An Enemy
Tips To Become Friendly By Nature
Tips To Become Friendly By Nature
The term friendly sounds so affable and lovely to the ears! Imagine you are traveling to an unknown destination and someone suddenly walks up to you and helps you board and throughout the journey. Oh, you can even imagine going by ...
Why You Must Go To Your College Reunions
College reunion is meeting old friends and college mates. It is a time when you get to live your college days again. College reunions are very special though some avoid going to reunions. They wonder why to go to college reunions. ...
Why You Should Go To Your College Reunion
How To Handle An Overly Emotional Friend
How To Handle An Overly Emotional Friend
Best friends are the best support you will get in your life. They hang on to you in both your good and bad days. They love you, care for you and support you always. Best friends are meant to make life ...
Dating Someone Your Friends Dislike: Tips
Love can happen to anyone with anybody and at anytime. Love has no boundaries, whether it is the caste or religion. But what if when your love and your friends do not agree upon each other? This is one situation where ...
Dating Someone Friend Dislikes
Why Friends Are Important Top Six Reasons
Why Friends Are Important: Top 6 Reasons
We all know how friendship is important and how friends become a significant part of our lives. They make our lives interesting and wonderful. Beyond doubt, one of the major benefits of having friends is that they improve our lives. ...
Ways To Recognise A Bad Friend
Philosopher Thomas Aquinas was right about the value of friendship -"There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship." Friends can be inspiring, motivational and a source of strength at hard times, yet they can also ruin ...
Ways To Recognize A Bad Friend
Problems Of Staying With A Roommate
Problems Of Staying With A Roommate
These days, the most common problem arising among youngsters is, the roommate. Well, I am not talking about the movie but the actual problem which is creating a lot of mess in the lives of many people. There are many youngsters ...
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