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Human Rights Day: Have We Overcome Racism?
We keep hearing about a lot of racial attacks and racial discrimination around the world. The very reason why we have come up with the topic today is because the day has a significance with respect to racial segregation in other ...
Human Rights Day South Africa 210311 Aid

Swami Chinmayananda Dynamics Togetherness
Swami Chinmayananda-Dynamics of Togetherness
Continued from Nation buildingI am not one of those who do not believe in the necessity for social revolutions, nor am I blind to the urgency of planning for my country. The tragic poverty of Bharat must be removed and national ...
Individual Freedom
In all periods of history great thinkers had contemplated for long and conceived plans for the progress of man, and the sum total of it all is the civilization or culture that we have now come to live as our inheritance. ...
Individual Freedom
New Moment Ramana Maharshi
A Fresh New Moment-Ramana Maharshi
Continued from the previous part-Learn to Live This Now is the Time:This now is the time. There is always time to make hay. Obviously it is when the sun is shining. The urgent need is to check the constant movement ...
Crying For Freedom
Freedom is our birthright and yet we crave for it. A short story narrated by Osho conveys this truth.Once a man, a staunch fighter for freedom was travelling in the mountains. In the course of his travel he halted in a ...
Freedom Osho Short Story
Spiritual Freedom
Spiritual Freedom From Lower Freedoms
Though the goal of a seeker is spiritual freedom (moksha) he must remember that unless a series of 'lower' freedoms (Freedom from body, freedom from mind, freedom from intellect)are achieved, he cannot get spiritual freedom. The 'lower' freedoms are the means, ...
Freedom from the intellect
Every one of us has been endowed with an intellect (buddhi), but only a few use it well. And even those who use it are seldom able to utilize it fully. The tremendous powers of the intellect remain hidden — suppressed, ...
Freedom Intellect Power
Freedom From Mind And Bondage
Freedom From Mind And Bondage
Swami Tyagananda talks about freedom from mind following freedom from body in the previous section.'It is the mind that causes bondage, and it is the mind that liberates man,' says the Upanisad. ( Amrtabindu Upanisad) Sounds paradoxical. How can one ...
Freedom From Body
Continued from the previous part (Spiritual Freedom)Death does not give you freedom from the body, it just substitutes one body for another. What is meant by 'freedom' in this context is mastery over the demands of the body. The body ...
Freedom From The Body
Degrees Freedom Spiritual Moksha
Degrees Of Freedom-Part II (Spiritual Freedom)
The concept of spiritual freedom, therefore, must be clearly distinguished from the idea of freedom as it is commonly understood in daily life. Only when one begins to feel like the convict described at the beginning of this article, when the ...
Degrees of Freedom
Imagine a convict, hands and feet bound in chains, locked up in a cell of a tight security prison. He is serving a life sentence. Time has come to a standstill for him. He's all alone, with no companions save ...
Spiritual Absolute Freedom Ultimate
Freedom Enquiry Ishopanishad Supreme Self
Living in Freedom and Enquiry-Part IV
Unity of Awareness- Ishopanishad“Yastu sarvaan bhootaani aatmani eva anupasyati sarva bhuteshu chatmaanam tato no vyugupsate”He, who constantly sees all manifestations (an objects and individuals in the world) verily in the Supreme-Self, and the Supreme...
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