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Significance Of Hanuman Jayanti
Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Hanuman. It is usually celebrated on the 15th day of the Chaitra month according to the Hindu calendar. Hanuman, as we all know, is the monkey God who was an ...
Significance Of Hanuman Jayanti
Significance Of Pana Sankranti
Significance Of Pana Sankranti: Oriya New Year
Pana Sankranti is also known as the Vishuva Sankranti. It is the new year celebration for the people of Odisha. The Oriya new year is usually celebrated on 14th or 15th of April, every year. It is similar to the other ...
Dry Fruit Mango Lassi: Baisakhi Recipe
Baisakhi marks the beginning of Hindu year. We can celebrate the beginning of this harvest festival with some of the easy-to-make vegetarian recipes. From Chole Bhatura to the chilled and refreshing lassi, there are many Baisakhi recipes that can be prepared ...
Dry Fruit Mango Lassi Baisakhi Recipe
Significance Of Puthandu Tamil New Year
Significance Of Puthandu: Tamil New Year
Puthandu is the term for Tamil new year. It is the celebration of the first day of the Tamil new year. The new year celebration in India according to the Hindu calendars in different parts of the country usually takes place ...
Famous Colourful Festivals Of The World
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘festival’? Yes, a vibrant display of colours. All over the world there are innumerable colourful festivals celebrated throughout the year. Each one has its own significance in ...
Colourful Festivals Celebrated In The World
Significance Of Ugadi Pachadi
Significance Of Ugadi Pachadi
Ugadi is the beginning of a new year for the people of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other parts of South India. A new year is a new beginning for a lot of things. People start their new business or any new ...
Significance Of Gudi Padwa
Gudi Padwa is the new year celebration for the people of Maharashtra. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm over the whole of Konkan coast area. It is celebrated on the first day of the Chaitra month according to the Hindu ...
Significance Of Gudi Padwa
Rituals And Traditions Of Ugadi
Rituals & Traditions Of Ugadi
Ugadi is the new year celebration for the people of the Deccan region. The term Ugadi is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Yugadi' where 'Yug' means age and 'Adi' means beginning. Ugadi marks the beginning of new year for the people ...
Gangaur: Shiva and Parvati Festival
Gangaur is one of the most important festivals in Hinduism. It is a colourful festival which is widely celebrated in Rajasthan, and some parts of Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Gangaur is observed by women who worship Gauri, the consort of ...
Gangaur Shiva And Parvati Festival
Holi Special Legend Of Radha And Krishna
Holi Special: The Legend Of Radha & Krishna
The festival of Holi is usually associated with Lord Krishna. In places like Braj, Vrindavan and Mathura, Holi is a grand festival in which people celebrate the eternal love of Lord Krishna and His divine companion Radha. Lord Krishna has ...
Why Is Holi Celebrated?
Holi is one of the most popular festivals of India. As the festival is nearing, the enthusiasm of celebrating it is also increasing. This festival of colours is famous throughout the globe and people outside India make it a point to ...
Why Is Holi Celebrated
Mahashivaratri Vrat Things To Know
Maha Shivratri Vrat: Things To Do
Maha Shivratri vrat or Shivratri fasting is one of the most important fasts of Hinduism. The Mahashivratri vrat has a huge spiritual significance. The one who observes this fast is blessed with the divine grace of Lord Shiva. Apart from ...
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