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Feng Shui

Six Things To Ward Off Evil
Though each culture differs from one another, there are a few practices which are similar in most cultures. For instance the practice of hanging a few good luck charms in the house to ward of evil eye or evil spirits is ...
Things To Ward Off Evil

Place Sea Shells Feng Shui Style
Place Sea Shells Feng Shui Style!
Feng Shui is the Chinese art of creating a harmonious environment. We use Feng Shui to invite good and positive energy in the house. There are many items in Feng Shui that are placed at particular locations to bring in happiness, ...
Celestial Animals: Feng Shui Decor
In order to bring peace and prosperity, many people try to imbibe certain changes in their home through many means but with no avail. However, with the vaastu and feng shui making rounds for their power to inflow good energy and ...
Feng Shui Animals Decor
Bathroom Feng Shui Tips
How To Feng Shui Your Bathroom?
A smile comes to your face at the very mention of peace and prosperity. Who doesn't want it in their lives? Water is considered to be a very vital element in feng shui. It hence has to be dealt with great ...
Care For Bamboo Plants
Bamboo plants have become a new item for decorating the tables in our living room. In almost every second house, you will find bamboo plant in a glass bowl or containers. Well, why is it used for decorating the house? The ...
Grow Care Bamboo Plants
 Lucky Fish Good Luck
5 Good Luck Charm Fishes
Fishes are considered lucky but which fish can bring you that desired luck? To know more here are the top 5 fishes that are considered good luck charms.1. FENGSHUI FISHES- These are considered lucky and are symbols of good fortune and ...
Is Red The Ideal Color For Home?
The color red has different symbolism in different cultures. In Feng Shui, the color red if used properly will bring the desired energy and benefits at home. According to Feng Shui, red symbolizes fire, a positive and divine energy. Fire can ...
Red Color Home Feng Shui
Feng Shui Green House Plants
Different Shades Of Green Plants For Feng Shui
The colour green in Feng Shui means a lot of positive things. In Feng shui ever colour has a special meaning and it is a science that uses these colours in the right combinations to create the right kind of positive ...
Feng Shui Flowers For Your Home!
Flowers are considered as a positive sign which is related to prosperity in health, wealth and relationship. Having a flower plant at home is the most attractive thing to get positive energy and fill the life with colour and brightness. In ...
Feng Shui Flower Grow Indoor
Feng Shui Indoor Garden
How To Design A Feng Shui Garden Indoors?
Feng Shui garden is something that you can easily design within your home. What you have to do while gardening, be it indoor gardening or a small garden in your balcony, is to make sure you are following the right Feng ...
Good Luck Charms For Home
Good luck charms could add that missing magic to your home. Your home is sacred to you; so make it auspicious by bringing positive energy into your home. If things are not working out for you professionally the a good ...
Good Luck Charms Home
Feng Shui Tips Love Life
Feng Shui Tips For Love Life
Feng Shui is the Chinese art of placing objects in a certain position to bring in positive energy. It is believed and has been proven that Feng Shui does play an important role in solving family problems, relationship issues and also ...
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