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Reasons Why Men Fear Fatherhood
It is quite obvious that most men fear fatherhood. You will hardly see men hurdling together and cooing over a would-be-father like girls do with a would-be-mother. Men greet the news of fatherhood with much less enthusiasm than women. Although, we ...
Reasons Why Men Fear Fatherhood

Fathers Day Father In Law
Father's day For Your Father in Law
Take out some time this 17thJune for the special father figures who have made your life so special. No definite day can be defined as Father's Day or Mother's Day as each day of your life, you will fall short to ...
Fatherhood: What You Must Know?
Fatherhood details are equally important while preparing for pregnancy. Father's play a very important role in a child's life. So becoming a father also requires some dos and dont's to follow. These following things must be kept in mind when preparing ...
Fatherhood Basics Preparing Pregnancy
Dad Cooking Tips
Simple Tips For Dads Cooking For Kids
Taking care of a child is no longer a mother's responsibility alone. Every dad too, has his share of raising the child, as most mothers are working away from home. Though most mothers are experts in balancing at work and at ...
Father's Babysitting Means Good Parenting
Fathers babysitting their toddlers is seen as a stereotype. Call them She-Dads, call them Mr. Moms, the fact remains that dad's manage babysitting quite well. Contrary to popular opinion it is a good idea for your kids to have some daddy ...
Father Babysitting Parenting 230711 Aid
First Time Dad? - Your First Step To Fatherhood
Fatherhood is a big achievement of a husband. The joy and cheerful faces of a man when he becomes a father makes him feel proud and at cloud 9. A couple achieves success in one of the marriage stages after becoming ...
Being A New Father – Anxious Or Accommodating?
Welcoming a new member to any family is a very exciting prospect. Specially, to the parents. It is almost every married couple's dream to have a child. But when we speak about childbirth or pregnancy, we speak of it only in ...
New Father Tips 090611 Aid
Father And Son Relationship
Father And Son Relationship Conflict
The happiness of a family is based on successful and strong bonding between the members. It is often said that the girl child is closer to the father and the boy child to the mother. It has generally been noticed that ...
What Brings On Fatherhood?
It is surprising to see how new fathers leave behind their macho self on the sight of the new born baby. Researchers say that this is not only a reaction but has a chemical history behind it.A study has proved that ...
Fatherhood Baby Hormones
Peter Andre Jordon Son
Peter Andre Trying Hard To Reunite With Son
Peter Andre is very close to Jordon's 8 year old son, who is a biological son of footballer Dwight Yorke. He is missing him terribly because Katie Price aka Jordon has denied Peter Andre all access to his son until he ...
Son Saves Dad On Fire, Spraying Coke
A brave son could save his father, as he sprayed two litres of coke to save the dad on the fire. Andrew Wythe from Cornwall adventitiously caught fire while he was using a petrol can to light a bonfire. A spark ...
Son Sprays Coke Saves Dad Fire
Elton John Hopes Become Father
Elton John Still Hopes To Adopt Children
Singer Elton John still hopes that he will become a father, one day. He has spoken of his despair, at not being able to adopt two Ukrainian children. Elton had confessed last year that he and his partner David Furnish were ...
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