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Homemade facial masks or face packs are good for the skin as they doesn’t consist of cosmetic ingredients which will react on the skin texture. Try out these homemade facial masks for different skin types.
Simple Ways To Do A Facial Clean Up At Home
Facial cleanup at home is what something that every woman wants. Visiting a salon each time you want to have a cleanup is not practically possible and it is not at all a cost effective choice. Having a regular skin care ...
Simple Ways To Do Facial Clean Up At Home 063556
 Benefits Of Salt Water Facial 061937 061939
6 Benefits Of Salt Water Facial
Upon the arrival of summer, it is very common to go to the beach to freshen up, sunbathe, have fun with friends and family, and yet sometimes we do not take into account the benefits of the salt water for our ...
Homemade Facial Hair Removers
Facial hair can look really embarrassing and can be a huge turn off. There are many ways of getting rid of facial hair temporarily, but for how long will you visit parlours? Getting waxed, threading and plucking are the three most ...
Homemade Facial Hair Removers
Skin Care Tips After Facial
Skin Care Tips After A Facial
Women get facial at least once in three months and it is required by the skin too. Facial removes dead skin cells, clears the skin pores, scrubs and exfoliates the skin. A facial is thus very important to maintain the glow ...
Natural Ways To Grow Facial Hair Fast!
Facial hair is defined as a secondary sex character of men. It generally starts to grow during late puberty or early adolescence period. By the time a man reaches an age of 17 or 21, he has a fully grown facial ...
Natural Ways Grow Facial Hair Fast
Fruit Use For Facial
Fruits You Can Use For Facial
Fruits are great for the overall health. Apart from being healthy, fruits can also be used to get a glowing and flawless skin. You can apply fruit on your face in the form of a face pack, scrub, toner or a ...
Homemade Chocolate Facials
Chocolate is one of the powerful antioxidants that is used as a beauty product. You might have heard about chocolate facial or hot chocolate wax. Cocoa is a little expensive however, when it comes to getting a flawless beauty, we all ...
Chocolate Facial Homemade
Oatmeal Face Scrubs
Oatmeal Face Scrubs For A Glowing Skin
You need a good beauty regime for your face. Just cleansing and moisturising your face is not enough. You also need to scrub your face on alternate days or at least once a week. There are many scrubs available in the ...
5 Face Scrubs Using Rice
Rice is one of the grains that is found in every household. Apart from utilising its health benefits, you can also use this grain as a beauty product. Rice scrubs for example is an effective beauty product that is homemade and ...
Homemade Rice Face Scrubs
Face Cream Massage Benefits
Benefits Of Cream Massage On The Face
You must have heard and seen many ladies going for a facial cream massage. Many benefits of a cream massage push them towards the parlour. And why only women, even men go for a facial cream massage these days. Here are ...
Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Garlic
To get a clear and flawless skin, we keep trying many products at home. Be it an artificial face pack or a homemade mask, all attempts to get the desired complexion and skin are done on a regular basis. Why spend ...
Garlic Beauty Benefits
Mud Face Masks Homemade
Homemade Mud Face Masks
Mud face masks are very common beauty treatment to fight acne, treat sun tan and get a glowing skin. There are many women who feel that mud face masks do not work. However, this depends on the skin type and how ...
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