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Eye Makeup

Get Smokey Eyes: Makeup Tips
If you are up for a fancy event or concert then it would be ideal to create a nice dramatic smokey eye look. When it comes to eye makeup there is nothing sexier than the classic smokey eye look. This stunning ...
Smokey Eyes Makeup Tips

Makeup Tricks To Hide Signs Of Ageing
Makeup Tricks To Hide Signs Of Ageing
Ageing can have unpleasant effects on your skin. Old age reduces the charm and beauty of your skin gradually. However, to our luck, there are many great makeup stuff available that helps to cover the signs of ageing on the skin. ...
Bronze Make-Up Tips For Indian Women
Though generally classified as browns, Indians have a wide spectrum of skin tones. Be it rosy, deep brown or lovely golden glow, Indians have got it all. If I specifically talk about Indian women, most of us usually shy away from ...
Bronze Eye Makeup Tips For Indian Women
Eye Makeup Tips For Indian Women
Eye Makeup Tips For Indian Women
Every woman is special and she deserves to be pretty! A woman is admirable in her own ways, to make her more admirable and elegant, simple makeup can work the magic. Eyes are special organs that convey the true feelings and ...
Apply Glitter EyeShadow: Step By Step
Party make-up minus glitter eye shadow is just incomplete. With festive spirit high, it's time to make your eyes sparkle the right way. Applying glitter eyeshadow is a great way to add some sparkle to your evening party. Add some vintage ...
Apply Glitter Eyeshadow Step By Step
Evening Eye Makeup For Weekend
Evening Eye Makeup For The Weekend
Its Friday! Most of us are all geared up to welcome the weekend. It is the day when the party life starts. From Friday till Sunday night, you will have a lot of party plans to spend your days. Late night ...
Makeup Tips To Make Eyes Look Bigger
Women with smaller eyes try hard to make their eyes look bigger and well-shaped. Well, I know that your eyes gather a lot of attention so focusing your eye makeup is very important. However, women who have small eyes can make ...
Makeup Tips Make Eyes Look Bigger
Steps Eye Makeup Like Kareena Kapoor
Eye Makeup Like Kareena Kapoor: Steps
Highlighting your eyes is one of the most important makeup essentials. The more you highlight your beautiful eyes, the more perfect you look. You can highlight your eyes differently on all occasions. What matters is the amount of eye makeup you ...
Rules To Get Perfect Eyebrows
Eyebrows can add to the overall appearance. Well shaped eyebrows can enhance the beauty of the eyes. There are many ways to shape them. You can either tweeze, pluck, wax or thread the eyebrows to shape them. It is very ...
Rules To Get Shape Eyebrows
Kajal Makeup Application
Different Ways To Use A Kohl/Kajal
Do you know that a single makeup product can be used in a number of ways. Some makeup application tips are so useful that you can readily use in your day to day life. There are more than one ways in ...
How To Make Mascara Last Longer?
When you buy a new mascara, you treasure it and keep it safely to use it for future. If you are a regular makeup applier, you finish the beauty rather cosmetic product within months. But if you are not, you keep ...
Make Mascara Last Longer
Tips Apply Fake Eyelashes
How To Apply Fake Eyelashes?
Eyelashes can only add to the beauty of the eyes. To enhance the shape and size of your eyes, you can attach false eyelashes. Many celebrities have seen wearing false eyelashes just to appear more sensual and attractive. If you have ...
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